The Benefits of Listening to Metal Music While Studying

Most students enjoy listening to music in their spare time. Some students even listen to music when they are studying, working, or falling asleep. Music can drown out the sounds of the world, leaving the mind relaxed and at peace. Music is also a way to express yourself, and often makes a statement about who you are or who you want to be.


While many teachers and other professionals would recommend gentle, calming, or classical music when studying, some people prefer metal music. However, you may be asking whether metal music will help you or make studying more difficult.


Here is some evidence that metal music can benefit you while you study.

Stress relief


In general, music can improve your mood. However, metal music has been shown to elevate people’s moods, give them inspiration, and help them process and express anger more efficiently. Metal music is often considered the angry music of the world, and it provides a great outlet for frustration.


Often, people who listen to metal will consider the lyrics and what they mean, allowing them to use particular songs as a means of expressing emotion. Additionally, filling your head with the growls and grunts of an angry-sounding band can keep your mind off the things that are causing stress, meaning you can relax while the music plays.


Improve brain function 


Your brain is one of the most important organs you have, and it also requires exercise to function properly. Just as you need to exercise your body for health, your brain needs to be challenged regularly to maintain good and healthy function. Some ways to exercise the brain include solving puzzles or reading, as well as listening to music.


Metal music is considered one of the more complex genres. Complex music genres are more effective in exercising your brain, so metal is an ideal exercise tool for your brain. Listening to metal at any time can benefit your brain, so you don’t have to wait till you’re studying to start exercising your brain.


Improved brain function means better performance in the classroom, whether it’s writing or memorizing a chapter from the book. While you are working on to improve your learning skills, use an essay writing service from where you get a police brutality essay or thesis or any other writing work in quick deadlines.

Better memory


It is a common phenomenon that people can remember the lyrics to a song they once liked when they were 13 more easily than remembering the information they learned at school. Music works in patterns and these patterns can stimulate your brain better, thus resulting in you remembering things more easily.


Listening to music while studying may help you remember better. Your brain is activated by the patterns in the music, which then allow it to retain information more easily. These patterns are in all kinds of music, so if you don’t like metal, you can listen to classical music for studying and still get the same results.


Good for visualization


Music is highly beneficial to all aspects of brain function. When thinking specifically, does music help you study, you may be surprised to learn that music helps you visualize better. Much like reading, listening to stories, or listening to the radio, music can develop your imagination. Imagination can make recalling information more easily, especially if you are a visual learner.


This could make metal some of the best background music while studying since you can form mental pictures relating to the song or work you are going over to recall it more easily later on.


Keeps you calm


When you were a baby, your parents might have sung you a lullaby to get you to sleep, or put on some cute kid music to get you to calm down. Music has the same effect on adults.


When you are a student, you may find yourself becoming frustrated or angry as a result of school stress or friendships. Rather than snapping at your family members, you might choose to drown out the world by playing your music really loudly.


Metal music has deep lyrics that are often easy to relate to when you are angry. Thus, metal is highly effective in calming you down from even your angriest moments.




Listening to music can be highly beneficial to anyone at any age. It offers many benefits for your brain and your emotional state and can help improve various aspects of mental performance.


Metal music, in particular, can help improve your mood and exercise your brain, since the complex music style and deep, meaningful lyrics can help you express yourself better. Metal music can improve recall abilities and help your imagination develop more strongly. Overall, metal music is preferred by many students during study sessions to help focus and remember the information better.



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Emma Rundle is an academic writer who’s been working with college students for over a decade now. Prior to this, she worked as an ESL teacher in South-East Asia for five years. Her rich experience and international exposure makes her one of the best academic writers available for work related to thesis, essays and dissertations.

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