BREWtally Speaking Podcast: AJ Channer (FIRE FROM THE GODS)

Aj Channer, vocalist for Fire From The Gods, is the guest on this episode of the BREWtally Speaking Podcast!!

Aj joins us on an off date in Minnesota on the Five Finger Death Punch/Bad Wolves tour they were on right before the tour was canceled.

We talked about how the bands latest album, American Sun, and the decision to put it out at the tail end of the year as opposed to waiting for the new year. If the band felt any fatigue in sitting on their record for so long. working with FFDP guitarist Zoltan, and if having Bad Wolves be the big brother band of sorts has really helped them stay the course with Zoltan’s guidance.

We also touch on the resurgence of Nu Metal, hip hop culture permitting back into rock and metal, and if rock is poised to return to it’s protest roots, working with Korn’s Jonathan Davis and more.

Listen to the full interview here:

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Two dudes, Dan and Jon, who are passionate about all kinds of music, although we mainly cover metal/metalcore bands on the show. We both LOVE vinyl, and podcasts in general.

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