Terry Corso Of ALIEN ANT FARM On MTV Reviving TRL “Bring A Little Bit Of Music Back Into An Organization That Has Music In The Title”

Photo Credit: Jessica Stacy / Metal Nexus

If you lived through any portion of the early 2000’s it’s likely you’ve heard and sang along to Alien Ant Farm’s cover of the classic Micheal Jackson hit “Smooth Criminal” or their original track “Movies” both from the album ‘ANThology‘ which sold over 1 million copies. The band has released 3 albums since their major hit record including ‘Truant’ in 2003, ‘Up In The Attic’ in 2006, and their most recent ‘Always And Forever’ in 2015. Lately the band has been touring with P.O.D., Powerflo and Fire From The Gods, bringing a bit of nostalgia to the touring lineup.

The entire touring lineup was added to the Blue Ridge Rock Festival as a pre-party the day prior to the main festival day. In addition to finally getting a chance to see the Alt rockers we had the chance to catch up with guitarist Terry Corso and talk about the bands hit record ‘ANThology‘, the changes in the music industry, how the music industry is turning into a singles driven world, and also about MTV reviving their hit show TRL (Total Request Live) which showcased a lot of Alien Ant Farm videos during the shows tenure from 1998-2008. The show has been revived as of October 2nd of this year.

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