Spider One (POWERMAN 5000) “Just Write the Songs You Wanna Write and Then If They’re Not Hits, Too F**kin Bad”

This week’s interview guest on Talk Toomey: The Metal Nexus Podcast is none other than Powerman 5000 vocalist, Spider One.  His conversation with host, Joshua Toomey covers a range of topics including opening for KISS, how The Go-Go’s indirectly helped inspire him to become a singer, the current state of  rock radio, and much more. Continue reading

POWERMAN 5000 Release Video In Honor Of Music Legend “David F**cking Bowie”

‘New Wave’ is Powerman 5000’s eleventh official release since forming in 1992. The new album marks the next chapter in the world of PM5K and is the follow-up to 2014’s highly successful ‘Builders of the Future’. On the direction of ‘New Wave’, vocalist Spider One says, “We went a bit dirtier on this one. Ripped it up more than the last couple of records. One of the goals was to recreate the noise of the live show. Keep in the chaos.” Continue reading