Review: DEATH WILL TREMBLE – ‘Departures’ [Teaser Video]



Two years ago in 2016 we welcomed Death Will Tremble’s debut album ‘Mona’, the album was a burning torch of artistry in comparison to the dumpster fires of genre chasing bands we often encounter. The Austin, Texas based group makes music that feels like it is fresh off their fingertips and unadulterated by over production and over editing. In a world of music where genres and sub-genres have run rampant, Death Will Tremble has stood their ground with the sound they have crafted, and it’s beauty shouldn’t be labeled. They are a band that melds together a handful of elements from various genres. Though you will hear subtle influences within their music from time to time it’s impossible really to wrangle them into one specific category or two for that matter. I simply like to refer to their style as creative. The band has taken some time and have now cultivated their newest release. ‘Depature’ is an EP which contains one single 14 minute long track. As they did with ‘Mona’, Death Will Tremble utilized longtime producer Tim Gerron (Deadhorse/MOD) to record ‘Departures’. The EP will release on June 29th.  Continue reading