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This month’s State is North Carolina!

Today we will be talking about the downtempo band From Wrath To Ruins. They have been around since the year 2014 and are situated in Greensboro, North Carolina. The band is already ruling their town Greensboro but soon they will rule all over the state including your neighbourhood so watch out! They have created 2 EP’s so far and 2 singles. Their first EP is called ‘The Execution Initiative’ which is self released on the 11th of September 2015. Their second EP ‘As Above, So Below’ got released this year on the 28th of May via their label Chugcore Promotions. {This album is linked at the end of this page} The album ‘The Execution Initiative’ you can find HERE on their Bandcamp. Besides these 2 brutal EP’s they have released the single ”Procreate” that got out about 1 month prior to the release of ‘The Execution Initiative’, click HERE to listen to that song and to also find out more about their roots. They have always self released their music via bandcamp besides the single ”Procreate” and the full album ‘As Above, So Below’. The song ”Procreate” got released on the youtube channel Pig Squeals And Breakdowns, the album ‘As Above, So Below’ with the single ”Masochist” got them signed to Chugcore Promotions which you can find both releases on.

Album Art For The Execution Initiative.

As I have mentioned before From Wrath To Ruins started out with their first EP ‘The Execution Initiative’. To fully understand the roots of the band and how they progressed as band you need to check this EP out, before I go in depth about the album go listen to it yourself HERE! It is just a little over 19 minutes long and consists of 6 songs. The intro song ”District 45” will get you hooked right from the start just like it did to me. After some time you will hear the famous words from J. Robert Oppenheimer that have been shared around the entire internet for a really long time. If you have no clue who he is or what he has said click HERE to watch a video that will explain everything to you.

His famous words ”I am become death, the destroyer of worlds” will send shivers right down your spine. He has said this after the release of the first ever nuclear weapons that he created. This nuclear bomb got detonated on Hiroshima and Nagasaki. This has both been a tragedy for this world and a scientific proof of what we humans are capable of. Seeing the pain and regret in his eyes will, well…there are no words for it.

If you want to read more about the bombing of Hiroshima and Nagasaki and what it has meant for us be sure to click HERE.


Album Art For As Above, So Below.

Moving on their second and latest EP ‘As Above, So Below’. This EP got them signed to Chugcore Promotions just about 1 month ago. It has compared to their first EP better production and it created their path into the game. The vocals have improved so much just like the instruments, the album is all around just so much better. The tone is as low as it can be and the vocals are as tight as the connection between the buses students like myself take almost every day. The song ”Masochist” is without a doubt the best song from the EP. It shows us everything the talanted band is capable of, chugging guitar riffs with vocals that will turn you into a monster.

Vocalist Dylan Kozerski.

From Wrath To Ruins has taken every aspect of downtempo and made it their own. All their releases so far have been insane and I am really looking forward on what they will create in the future. Huge credits must been giving to Ghostship Records for recording, mixing and mastering the latest album ‘As Above, So Below’. I also need to mention Steven Kline Art for creating the album art for that album. They have both done an incredible job on their end of the release and I hope they will be part of the next one. The bands Black Tongue, Traitors, Bodysnatcher, Dealey Plaza and my all time favorite brutal death core band Oceano have all been influences of this amazing band. There is no bad outcome for the band because they will either grow to be the greatest downtemp band and reign all over the world or they will stay how they are with the die hard fans that they have.


From Wrath To Ruins consists of:

Dylan Kozerski – Vocals
Grant Welton – Guitar
David Lavey – Bass
Barret Gingerich – Drums


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