Review: OCEANO – ‘Revelation’ [Official Videos]

Oceano is THE band you need to listen to when you are in love with lows as much as I am. This band uses almost only low vocals and damn it sounds brutal. This band is really fighting with Enterprise Earth over the most brutal album at this moment yet they are very different from them. Adam Warren makes the difference because this guy has vocals straight from the pit of hell and to make it even better he goes straight against the metal stereotypes being a black vocalist. I mean, how awesome is that? Finally a black vocalist in one of the top deathcore bands from this moment, I absolutely love when people break stereotypes. We shouldn’t forget about the other band members though because without them Adam wouldn’t be anywhere. Chris Wagner is the bassist of the band and I have a strong feeling that he finally found his spot in the band, he fits the dark message perfectly. Besides that we have drummer Andrew Holzbaur and guitarist Scott Smith, both are really underrated because they mean so much for the band. Without the drum line or the dark and fierce guitar riffs the band would sound dull and boring. They have always released songs and albums via the record label Earache but times have changed so they went with Sumerian Records which their latest album ‘Revelation’ is featured on. Oceano has been known as a grindcore band after their debut album got released which is called ‘Depths’ but after that album they choose to go with brutal deathcore. Albums like ‘Contagion’, ‘Incisions’ and ‘Ascendants’ have all been brutal deathcore and what I like the most about the change in genre is the transition, you can clearly hear some grindcore influences on the albums after their debut album ‘Depths’.

”Human Harvest” has been out 4 weeks prior to the album release which is the 21th of April to be exact and it has laid a huge expectation on the album since which has without a single doubt been fulfilled. The song is somewhat short but the message Oceano is sending is clear. It’s about the human nature destroying the world and everything it touches yet again. There hasn’t been a single year without destruction and there won’t ever be one. Humans will always keep on doing the same exact stuff. Ignorance has been paid with thousands if not more deaths every year over and over again. If we don’t realise what we are doing fast we will just keep on making the same mistakes and causing our species to exist. This message has been send a lot of times but until people start to see bands like Oceano will never stop making songs about it.

”Witness the littered remains as reminder of the planet you ignored”

An album needs a track without vocals so Oceano decided to make one and also show everyone that the band is more then just vocals that will first slam you to the ground and then rip your balls off. ”Final Form” has been that song. It’s the only instrumental song from the album but the band does a good job at not letting it feel like the song isn’t a part of the album. I think Chris got really excited after hearing that they were making a song like this because damn it really did show how little the band is without him. He sets the raw tone of the band perfectly and let’s the guitarist and bassist fill in the exact things the song is missing and I bet this isn’t even their final form yet! Click HERE to listen to this beast.

5 April 2017 has been marked as the day where the song ”The Great Tribulation” got placed on this damned Earth. This song is decicated to the human failure and it’s greed to control. People have always felt the need to control everything that hasn’t been controlled yet. This has many times resulted in destruction which was only a reason for the human kind to try a little harder and experiment a little more instead of realising some things aren’t meant to be controlled. People fail to accept this and so the cycle of destruction will only continue.

”The Challenge to unlearn what they once knew”
”To not repeat the past with the same outcome”
”Soon the tribulations of few shall return to haunt the many”

This band deserves way more attention that is has given, lyrically it’s fierce but it’s nothing more but the hard reality. We are in fact living on a dying world that we fail to save. Adam Warren breaking the stereotypes is really important as well as delivering a bitter message. Rules are meant to be broken just like stereotypes. I really hope this sets an example for others to see that the metal community accepts you for how you are. Doesn’t matter what religion or where you originally came from, we all are 1 big family that should be open to everyone that is likes metal music. This band has been making great music since it started and it will continue to do so till we finally open our eyes to see what we have done to this world. Brutal doesn’t even come close to how ferocious ‘Revelation’ truly is. The vocal style Adam uses isn’t new but the way he spits his words is. This album is for everyone that is into cruel yet real lyrics about anti-religion and misanthropy. For the people that don’t know what ‘Misanthropy’ means, it’s basically the general hatred, distrust and contempt of the human nature. Everyone should open their eyes and so should you! Pick it up before it’s to late.

Click HERE  to buy ‘Revelation’ online and HERE if you prefer a physical copy. Want some brutal deathcore merch to add to your collection as well? Click HERE to order some!

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They are touring with Thy Art Is Murder, After The Burial and Justice For The Damned on the Dear Desolution European tour, at the moment there is no official site yet with all the tickets but when the time has come you should buy yours before they are gone because this is one of the most brutal European tours this summer you will get to witness.

Here are some more brutal Oceano tracks for you to check out, if you dare..

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