State Of The Art: DEVIL IN THE DETAILS [Official Videos]

*This is a part of our State Of The Art series, showcasing bands every Monday from the featured state*

This Month’s State is Nebraska

Formed in 2013, Devil In The Details is a post-hardcore band from Omaha, Nebraska out to connect with people through music. The name Devil In The Details is a reminder not to take everything at face value. Things aren’t always as they seem. The band has shared the stage with notable acts like Beartooth, For All Those Sleeping, Secrets, Dance Gavin Dance and more recently Of Mice & Men. The band has been a staple in the Omaha music scene and is loved by fans. Devil In The Details  has been releasing music since 2014 when the band unveiled their debut music video. The band has an incredible post-hardcore sound and also played on the Van’s Warped Tour in 2016. The band has released numerous singles, the EPs ‘Black And White’. ‘My Younger Self’ in 2015, and the band has now released a new single as well titled “Insecure” which was released on December 1st, 2017 and is available on iTunes here.

Initially the band began as a 5 piece but currently they are a 4 piece and lead vocalist Sean Sorensen has taken over all vocal duties judging by the bands recently released tracks. Sean’s vocals are one of the key ingredients in the bands overall sound as well as the guitar playing by Aaron Koenig. Sean’s vocals on the new track takes on several different tones that we haven’t really seen in the past. His harsh screaming tone is what we are most familiar with but on “Insecure” he also shows off a more refined semi-melodic vocal approach as well. Just after hearing the band a few times it’s easy to see that they could compete with any post-hardcore band that is currently touring both nationally or internationally. Devil In The Details should not be looked at as a local band. They may currently be playing regionally but this band is destined for great things. In addition the “Insecure” the band has also released “Chapter II” which in a sense is a sequel to “Insecure”. The song stays on the same page and is a continuation of the first initial single. We certainly hope that these new songs lead to an album release and also with the new material these guys deserve to be on tour as a support act as well as on the upcoming possible final edition of the Van’s Warped Tour.


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