State of The Art: Delirium Tremors


*This is part of our State Of The Art series, showcasing bands every Monday from the featured State*

This month’s State is Alaska!

Delirium Tremors was actually born in Colorado as a recording project by singer/guitarist Jamie. The band since then has seen some location changes and is now based in Anchorage, Alaska. It’s not only mountain men living in The Last Frontier, Delirium Tremors unleash some hard hitting metal with a mixture of both harsh and melodic vocals. They have recently shared the stage with Sick Puppies and Mos Generator and competed in the Van’s Warped Tour Battle of the Bands. The band has an upbeat tempo pace and perfect melting pot of sounds. You want some in your face lead guitar parts? You got it. The well timed drum beats are well placed leading into and out of the chorus. The song writing encased in these tracks show that the band is experienced in both composing and performing. It’s not often I’m only able to hear 2 tracks from a band an then compelled to write about them. However, the songs “Witness” and “Shimmer” are great examples of what I think Delirium Tremors really does well. They have a throwback sort of sound kind of melding alternative, hardcore and nu-metal all together. While those genres may not be appealing to you when isolated by themselves, I can assure you this is something you will want to listen to. Some of the best bands out there right now are trying to fight the right median between clean vocals and harsh and find a contrast or mixture that work. What Delirium Tremors has here is find the answer to what a lot of bands attempt to do and can’t never seem to get it right. I certainly look forward to hearing more from what this amazing Alaskan releases as I’m sure it will be impressive.

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