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The year was 1992. Science fiction classics like Aliens 3, The Lawnmower Man, Freejack and Universal Soldier were playing in theaters along with the ever-so-humorous Army of Darkness that still illicit bouts of uncontrollable laughter some twenty four years later. Sci-Fi bestselling books like Snow Crash by Neal Stephenson (one of my personal favorites), Quarantine by Greg Egan and Stephen Gould’s seminal classic Jumper were in first print and flying off bookstore shelves (pre-Amazon Kindle days, kids). Boyz II Men, Sir Mix-a-Lot, Kriss Kross, TLC and Vanessa Williams topped the musical charts (*sigh*). Hell, many of you were not even born yet and may not have even heard of any of this literature, music or movie selections. Know what also dropped in ‘92? How about Fear Factory’sSoul of a New Machine”. That’s right. Their debut that took the Metal world by storm and still remains relevant today. Fast forward to today and tell me what happens when classic Science Fiction story meets old-school, Industrial Metal? Isolated Antagonist happens, that’s what…


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Started in 2014 by 19 year, Army Warrant Officer/gamer/self-described computer geek Glen Mitchell while still deployed in Kuwait and Nate Exx Gradowski from Massachusetts, Isolated Antogonist is an Industrial/Death Metal outfit in the vein of old school favorites like Fear Factory, Godflesh and Die Krupps with the additional Progressive and Death Metal influences of notable bands like Sepultura, Mnemic, Gary Numan, The Frontline Assembly, Brujeria, Queensryche (Geoff Tate era), Napalm Death, Strapping Young Lad and Devin Townsend. Trying to stay sane while minding servers in the Middle East, Mitchell began writing the Sci-Fi background story for what would become their first, full-length album “The Isolated and the Antagonist” after being prompted with a band idea by Gradowski. Seeing the brilliance of Glen’s imagery, Nate began working on fitting music to wrap the story around. Writing all of the music, playing all instruments and clean singing are all done by Nate, while aggressive vocals and lyrics are done by Glen. Aptly naming the band after the inversion of the acronym for Artificial Intelligence (A.I.) and Mitchell’s virtual segregation much of the time, Isolated Antagonist was born and quickly released their first independent EP, Engineered Audi Hallucinations in 2014. Themed with the dark effects of technology on the human race, the EP is very heavy, rough, honest and a perfect starting point for this musical partnership. With the subsequent release of “The Isolated and the Antagonist”, Isolated Antagonist had further developed their unique sound and epic storytelling abilities, so much so that a full on novel is in the works expanding on Mitchell’s last man against a world completely against his survival, Science Fiction themed ideas. By February 2016, Isolated Antagonist has continued their sound development and expanded their ever changing dark perspective with a second, full length release: Affirmation of Entropy on the Bluntface record label. With a polished, more atmospheric sound and clearer, lower and more growled than screamed vocals, Glen and Nate have truly grown into their own skins and refined a darker sound that illicit real emotions and create visions of their hostile universe. In addition to their engaging music, Isolated Antagonist has successfully branded a clear vision with album art that is analogous to musical themes and immediately identifiable as theirs, further adding to the IA mystique and the desire to continue the Industrial Metal sound from the 1990s. The collaboration of Nate’s dazzling ability to musically project the intelligent and creative genius of Glen’s dramatic narrative on the mind’s eye is a recipe for greatness.

EngineeredAudioHallucinationsEP TheIsolatedandtheAntagonist

Void AffirmationofEntropy


Currently working on their new CD, Oblivion, which will be released this Halloween, Isolated Antagonist has just released two songs which can be streamed and purchased below (half of the proceeds for “Wages for Slaves” will be donated to The Sparta Project which provides PTSD assistance for suffering veterans and their families so, please listen and share!). With the recent addition of John McConnell (also in the United States Army), Isolated Antagonist is set to begin playing live gigs and already has a benefit show scheduled in Boston in September. Keep an eye out as the universe created by Isolated Antagonist expands to your area…

More information about Isolated Antagonist: Facebook  Twitter  Soundcloud  Web  BandCamp  YouTube Channel  Bluntface Records

Link to progression of the novel

Newest song in support of The Sparta Project:

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