State Of The Art: DAEDALVS

    *This is part of our State Of The Art series, showcasing bands every Monday from the featured State*

                                                 This month’s State is North Carolina!

Today we are going to be talking about the death metal band Daedalvs from yet again North Carolina. They are a 4 piece band that consists of vocalist Pancho Mortem, drummer Aaron Charlton with assistance on the guitars from Spencer Starnes and Christian Chadwick. Daedalvs has been one of the most unique sounding upcoming bands I have ever seen. There is a lot of competition in the death metal scene but these guys push the boundries like no other band does, in no time they will be on the top! So far they have released 1 EP named ‘Apotheosis’, this masterpiece has been around since the 24th of February via the biggest death metal label SLAM WORLDWIDE. Just 4 days before this release they released their single ”God Machine” which is from that very same album, this song really got death metal fans talking about the band. For everyone that hasn’t heard of SLAM WORLDWIDE before I will introduce you to them real quick. As quoted by the owner the page is about ”ONE MAN PROMOTING MACHINE BRINGING YOU ONLY THE HEAVIEST UNDERGROUND MUSIC AROUND THE WORLD SINCE 2014.”. So any underground heavy band is welcome on this brutal page, luckily for us Daedalvs has claimed their spot and we can only hope for more awesome music!

There is no ‘Apotheosis’ without the song ”God Machine” so here we go. It has been released just like the EP via SLAM WORLDWIDE but this time on the 24th of Febuary. This is the perfect song for any music lover that is getting into the band. It shows clear black metal influences as well as some slamming brutal death metal influences. I have always had a special place in my heart for what we call Blackened Death Metal and this song goes right into that my list and it should claim a spot in yours as well! Click HERE to check this brutal mass out and be sure to add it to your list!

As you know I am really into intro songs for albums and after hearing ”Relic Of Extirpation” you might just join the party. The guitar work take melodic to a whole different level while the drum creates a nice background sphere the song needs. The vocals are just as crazy as they are on the whole EP, they switch from lows that will punch you right into your balls to demon like styles that will make you rethink about the concept of the supernatural.

The song ”Catatonic Suppression” shows us more about the slam side of the band, the high vocals are top-notch on this track and you will get to hear them through the whole song. If you are into slam you should definitely give this song a listen!

Picture credit goes to XIIIth Photo Video Design.

Daedalvs have only released one EP ‘Apotheosis’ but I am certain that they will suprise us any time with some more brutal tracks, watch your backs! They are the perfect example of how a band with death metal, black metal and slamming brutal death metal influences should sound like. They have grown a lot recently and they will only keep on growing and growing till there is no stopping them. I myself am really into the reasoning behind band names and luckily for us I got it right here. The name ”Daedalvs” comes from the Greek mythology, Icarus. As you can read HERE Icarus is the son of the master craftsman Daedalus who is the creator of the widely known labyrinth. If you are into Greek mythology this band is a must to check out!

Credits need to be giving to Jeff Long at Trap Door Recording for recording, Brette Ciamara at Studio 344 for mixing and mastering and to Alex Hofmann at Cypher Visual for the incredible art work. 

Daedalvs is for fans of Fallujah, Cattle Decapitation, Behemoth, Ingested, Cryptopsy, to just name a few! If you are fans of one of these bands drop whatever you are doing and check these guys out! They just opened their very own online merch shop, click HERE to add awesome merch to your collection.

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