State Of The Art: BREEDING FILTH [Album Stream]

*This is a part of our State Of The Art series, showcasing bands every Monday from the featured state.*

This month’s state is Indiana!

Welcome back to another edition of State of the Art and today I go full tech death on you all. In a world where repetitive music is the orgasm for the masses, technical death metal turns that around viciously and sets an extreme example of high end, ground breaking musical dexterity. Taking on the same spirit and motive from Lafayette, Indiana, ruthless, brutal tech death group BREEDING FILTH, are our State Of The Art band this week. Formed in 2014, this ferocious quartet reek of intense and pretty technical riffs, pummeling drumming, low end thundering bass and nasty, dirty guttural vocals. All of these work in unison to produce the beast that BREEDING FILTH truly embodies, which has helped the band in reaching out to the masses and perform with big shots in a very short amount of time. Marching ahead with big strides this band is definitely the torch bearer of the Indiana underground death metal scene.

Just a little over two years after their formation, BREEDING FILTH started churning out sick and ridiculously amazing death metal with their debut album, ‘Perverse Devolution‘ which came out via Sevared Records on December 16, 2016. Just one album old, the band absolutely rips and why not? Cause the guitarist and drummer are from fellow Lafayette tech death masters, DAWN OF DEMENTIA. Guitarist Derick Harshbarger and drummer Colin Foster, along with Manny Casas and Angel Gaeta on vocals and bass have pulled off an incredible record of highest order, right on their very first album.

BREEDING FILTH brews a blend of brutal death metal and technical death metal, elements of both of which seem to coalesce perfectly. ‘Perverse Devolution‘ goes on to show the very same fact. The sickening, brutal and very low end guttural vocals is reminiscent of brutal death metal bands like DEEDS OF FLESH, GORGASM while at the same time it stretches to the screeching kind, the ones you’d normally hear by Trevor from BLACK DAHLIA MURDER. While on the other hand, the technicality is taken care of by the immaculate and super fast guitar work. Along with heavy slamming riffage, there are a lot of melodic parts which the solos throw at you. Staccatos and legatos you name it, the guitar work BREEDING FILTH does is a feast to drool on. Fans of both tech and brutal death metal would definitely love it. Colin Foster absolutely fits the needs of an ideal tech death drummer, he delivers what a tech death band would ask for. With machine gun drumming, relentless snare hits, gravity blasts he makes the band’s backbone stronger. And joining in on the bass, Angel Gaeta’s bellowing and thundering playing has been top notch. It’s like a rumbling rock down a hill terrorizing everything on its way.

BREEDING FILTH is like a pleasant torture you’d put yourself to again and again. The sheer power and brutality of their music is unmatched for any new band in the circuit. It is nothing but a tantalizing torture device only made to kill, chop and brutalize. Their debut album ‘Perverse Devolution‘ has impressed me immensely and I wouldn’t let myself not recommend this piece of savagery to a fellow metalhead. BREEDING FILTH is the perfect pinch of “bree” and a healthy amount of technicality all spliced and mixed to give you the best possible eargasm from Indiana. Go ahead and stream the album down below full speed and don’t forget to support them if you find this up your sweet alley.

Also good news for you. To know what is up, read below.

Manny Casas – Vocals 
Derick Harshbarger – Guitar 
Angel Gaeta – Bass 
Colin Foster – Drums 

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