SONIC TEMPLE Announces Inaugural Lineup


Without knowing last year on May 20th after 10 years we bid farewell to Rock On The Range. Founder and co-producer Danny Wimmer Presents parted ways with AEG and ending the partnership which also closed the doors on Rock On The Range, Carolina Rebellion, and Northern Invasion. DWP has founded a new festival which will also be held at Mapfre Stadium in Columbus, Ohio on May 17th-19th. The new festival; Sonic Temple has promised to bring everything Rock On The Range had and build on it as well.  The anticipation has already been building as fans have been predicting what bands might be performing on the inaugural Sonic Temple festival. Today we take a huge step forward as they have released the full lineup of bands today.

The cryptic code that was given once they schedule the date the lineup would be announced was deciphered as the word “Disorder” which is one of the prominent lyrics within System Of A Down’s song “Toxicity”, so its no surprise to see them headlining one night of the festival.  In addition to System Of A Down the other top 2 headliners are Foo Fighters, and Disturbed. Foo Fighters had never played the previous festival before so it’s a good choice as they are a big draw and always impress any crowd. The next tier of bands are Bring Me The Horizon who have been a highly predicted band with their new album coming out soon. The Prodigy is a band that is a little bit of a shocker but they certainly fit the mold. Formed in 1990 in England the band mixes techno, rock and other styles into their music, they should be an exciting band to see live. Then we have Ghost who hasn’t appeared at any summer festivals in the last year. Their stage show was grown and they have moved up the ladder substantially since the last time they played a DWP festival. You then have some bands that have played the festival quite a bit and are regulars on the festival circuit like Halestorm, Chevelle, Lamb Of God, In This Moment, Gojira, and The Struts. You also get a handful of legendary acts like Joan Jett and The Blackhearts, The Cult, Refused, and The Distillers. In addition to the other bands which you can see below we believe it’s important to mention the bands we deem as the must see bands on the festival like Black Coffee, Zeal & Ardor, Architects, The Glorious Sons, The Fever 333, and Daron Malakian’s (System Of A Down) side project Scars On Broadway. You can see the full lineup below.

Tickets go on sale November 30th. You can purchase tickets here







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