SIGNS OF THE SWARM Announce Their Second Album With A Brand New Track!

Signs Of The Swarm is your absolute go to slamming deathcore band, they have reigned since their debut album ‘Senseless Order’ from last year and they continue to do so with the upcoming albumThe Disfigurement of Existence’. The album is set to release in its entirety on the 3th of November and will be featured on Unique Leader Records. 

The brand new song ”Cesspool Of Ignorance” got out via their new label: SLAM WORLDWIDE. The song got released yesterday, 7th of September, and the full album will be available on the 3th of November. Prior to this label they were signed to Chugcore but now they have officially moved on to SLAM WORLDWIDE. They are making huge progress!

Check out the official album art for The Disfigurement of Existence’!

There are a few bands that started out as strong as Signs Of The Swarm. When the album came out the deathcore/metal groups were filled with positive comments about the band and rightfully so. They are one of the best underground bands and with the new album up and coming the future will only be bright. Check the song out above as well and their facebook page below!

Signs Of The Swarm line-up:

CJ McCreery – Vocals
Cory Smarsh – Guitar
Jacob Toy – Guitar
Bobby Crow – Bass
Jimmy Pino – Drums

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