SHE CRIES WOLF Releases New Single ”Magdalene” Featuring Ahren Of THE AMITY AFFLICTION!

Looking for a new act to add to your collection? Well look no further because She Cries Wolf is the band you need!

After releasing their self titled EP and another 2 albums called ‘Divorce’ & my personal favorite ‘Doubt’ She Cries Wolf is back with another banger. It is the first (and hopefully not the last) single that has been released on the 19th of February. Track ”Magdalane” shoots them in a direction that many will absolutely love. With She Cries Wolf remaining on top of their sound and Ahren Stringer of The Amity Affliction adding some epic vocals this is an incredible way to kick off the year. I really hope they are ready to release some more stuff in the future because ”Magdalene” has certainly made me ready for it!

Want to hear what vocalist Luke from She Cries Wolf had to say about the song? His words couldn’t have been better if you ask me.  Magdalene is about the struggles many of us face with our own depression and poor self esteem/body image.

She Cries Wolf:

Luke Harriss
Kyal Franklin
Daniel Belic
Luke Gallows

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