Ron DeChant Of STARSET “We’re Not Like Other Bands Where We Just Kinda Throw Things Out There”

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On January 1st, 2013 a transmission from a star in the Ophiuchus Constellation in the year 2047 was received containing a warning of the fate of the human race. It is said that Dr. Aston Wise of the Starset Society recruited Dustin Bates, Ron DeChant, Brock Richards, and Adam Gilbert, collectively known as Starset, to spread awareness through music and media. The Columbus, OH quartet quickly gained notoriety on YouTube with the release of their first single “My Demons”, which has well over 280 million views, as well as two albums under their belt – ‘Transmissions’ (2014) and ‘Vessels’ (2017). According to their (fictional) background, they aim to spread the contents of “The Message” to the general public through demonstrations (‘shows’ to you and me). They have been summoned by The Starset Society in an attempt to save the human race from its imminent demise, foretold in a transmission that was received in Northern California on New Year’s Day 2013, along with required knowledge of how to avoid such a travesty. The band’s founder/vocalist/keyboardist, Dustin Bates, acquired his Master’s degree at Ohio University, fueling his interest in astronomy and hopes to spread knowledge of science and engineering as well as “The Message”. He says:

“Kids are coming to Starset shows and getting scientific thinking, but they’re just looking for rock,” He states. “The science is sci-fi and hyperbolic at times, but I think it can inspire kids into real science and engineering – and I hope to.”

Starset have crafted a unique way of blending the self-proclaimed “cinematic rock” and ambiance with a bit of djent-style metal. The onstage imagery of the space-like suits donned by the band and the futuristic technology used by Bates during these ‘demonstrations’ really strengthen the band’s backstory, while offering fans a different way of enjoying a show – learning.

After seeing the band 3 times this festival season I have become more of a fan each time seeing Starset grace the stage. Each time you get a slightly different show that is more impressive than the last. The band has a unique story, style and look that makes them all the more enticing to fans. I had the opportunity to speak with bassist Ron DeChant about everything Starset. We spoke about the bands recent album ‘Vessels’, bands singing along to their non-singles, playing at some unique locations and the bands partnership comics with Marvel. Ron also talks about the bands large Youtube following and they aim to release more content there, as well as how one of their past videos hints at whats to come next in one of their books. You can see the full conversation below!



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