Rock & Roll Totally Isn’t Dead!

You see, people are always quick to jump and tell us that rock is dead. Well, there are numerous reasons why that isn’t true, and in today’s article, we are going to discuss some of those reasons. It’s true that the popularity of rock isn’t as immense as it used to be, but there’s still plenty of good music around, and if you work hard enough, you can find it. Without dragging this on for too long, let’s dive into this article right away, and hopefully, you’ll find something interesting, or learn something new.

When we say that rock isn’t dead, we mean it and it is an honest statement. As we’ve previously mentioned in the intro, while rock’s popularity isn’t what it used to be, there are still plenty of good bands around. The reason why it’s so hard to find them? Well, the mainstream media doesn’t push them unless they have a specific sound that works for the masses, and under certain conditions too. Basically, if you’re willing to be a ‘puppet’ and change your unique style of music just because something else sells better, then you can get in on the industry. And that’s also when rock bands stop being rock and switch to something else, meaning that their original and unique style is dying. And the other reason why good groups are so hard to find is that the number of music-posting mediums is at an all-time high. You see, just ten years ago you had only a few of them — Tv, Youtube, and of course, the legendary Myspace. With Myspace dying out, and Youtube gaining popularity, everything changed. That’s also when numerous other social networks also came into play. Some of those are Facebook, Soundcloud, Vkontakte, and many others that even we don’t know about. All in all, really funny chaos was created, and it has its good and bad sides too, which we will also discuss.

Let’s discuss a dull lousy side first since it’s the only thing on the menu as far as the bad stuff goes. You can get lost! Simple as that. And as far as the good things go, you have now more than ever, massive opportunities to enrichen your musical library. And, if you’re willing to dig deep enough, we guarantee that you’ll find some precious gems in the underground music world. Of course, you can do that, or you can waste time and browse something like gay porn games. And we’re not talking about preferences here. We’re merely stating that engulfing yourself in music is a much better choice than the unhealthy habit of consuming pornography can be even though both of those things can have their good sides if you have good self-control. So, yeah, all in all, browse freely and safely, and you’ll find your way. Eventually, maybe you’re even going to thank us for everything when your music library is all massive and set up on some excellent rock gigs and parties!

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