Review: VIBRANT HEELS – ‘Driven’ [Album Stream]

Photo Credit: Catherine Pelchat

Vibrant Heels hasn’t been around all that long, and you’d never know that from hearing their music. The Alt rock / Metal band hails from Canada and formed in 2015. They claim they are the band that just doesn’t fit in. They blend catch lyrical melodies, heaviness & groove filled rhythms all at the same time. They are like the guys next door really, just normal guys trying to create their own niche in music and they are truly headed in the right direction. The bands latest release ‘Driven’ released on February 10, 2017. The album was recorded at Broil Audio by Raphael Malenfant & Michael Fontaine (Frequance Production) and also mixed by Raphael Malenfant and mastered by François C. Fortin. Vibrant Heels truly blends a variation of sounds, and upon the first listen of the album it may seem a little obscure, but as you continue down the rabbit whole of music they have created it becomes more and more addictive. 

Cover Art: Catherine Pelchat

Vibrant Heels ‘Driven’ gets off to a fast start with “Royal Mud”. The song has two amazing different vocal approaches. You get a very throaty and heavy scream at first and then we get another voice yo lighten up the dark. The second vocal tone is of course a clean and melodic vocal approach, with sort of a punk sounding influence. “Soak It Up” is a much more mellow tune from the band. At times it almost had this lullaby likeness, and the more harsh vocals are at a minimum on this track. It does seem to get heavier near the end, but overall the song stays pretty mellow. The bands namesake track “Vibrant Heels” starts out very mild and with a whispering vocal tone. The guitars have a rapid and chaotic type style that brings some rawness to their sound. The clean vocals are the more dominant when it comes to time, but the moments that harsh vocals come into play it really hits a home run. The harsh tone perfectly fits in to break up the cleanness of the song and bring a little heavy influence back to the table. Although the band has been compared to Deftones and Korn I think they have their own unique sound. You can certainly hear the creative elements at work here as the band has brought their vision to life.

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