Review: THREE LANE ROAD – S/T [Single Streaming]

Three Lane Road don’t care if you call them a classic rock, an 80’s band or hair metal. They aren’t worried about labels at all. The Texas based rockers are happy with their sound and want to spread it to the masses. The band formed in 2015 and have been chugging along ever since. Melodic vocal lines sang by Wayne Brito coupled together with tastefully driven guitar leads with both Allan Davis and Wayne Brito bring to life a nostalgic rock feel. It certainly drives home the old school feel of rock and the goose bumps are included at no additional charge. The bottom end rhythm section of bassist Steve Musket and drummer Chuck Geisel sear together the sound that is Three Lane Road collectively. The band draws inspiration from bands like Journey, Dokken and Skid Row. Like their influences the band doesn’t only create amazing music, but they capture your soul with their lyrics. Three Lane Road have released their self-titled debut. Recorded at Empire Sound Recording Studio in Carrollton, Texas and was produced by Alex Gerst. It was mastered by Derek Taylor at Milo Studio.

“I Want” kicks off this track with some killer fast riffs. It is likely the fastest track on the album. Don’t listen to this song while driving because you won’t take your foot off the gas. The galloping drum beats and constant riffs take you on a ride through the entirety of the song. One of the greatest things is the duration that Wayne Brito can hold a note. I guess you could say this next song is the ballad of the album. It’s by no means slow, but it’s as close as you’re going to get with these rockers. “I’ll Fly With You” begins with some amazing guitar riffs, and they don’t stop shredding throughout the track. Wayne Brito’s melodic voice sails in this track. The song is not stop serenading as he expresses his love through song to some lucky lady. You get plenty of guitar solo work by Allan Davis and constant Chuck Geisel’s drum beats and the song refuses to become dull. “Dreams” like most songs on this album starts out with the sweet embrace of the six string. “Dreams” has a slight change in vocals from the previous songs, almost like he has a more gentle tone and it comes across as very soothing. The album has many great contributing factors, one of the keys of the tracks is the stellar guitar work both leads and rhythms really fill the album from front to back. It’s a throwback rock album that is easy listening and never gets old or repetitive. Three Lane Road brings you a journey that needs to be traveled.

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