Review: SPIRIT ADRIFT – ‘Curse Of Conception’ [Song Stream]

Spirit Adrift was formed in 2016 in Phoenix, Arizona. While Spirit Adrift’s vocalist/guitarist Nate Garrett and bassist Chase Mason also play in Gatecreeper, Garrett also recently filled in on vocals for Arkansas doomsters Pallbearer for a full show in Pittsburgh. Spirit Adrift recently released a split 7” with Khemmis through War Crime Recordings, where they covered the traditional folk song, “Man Of Constant Sorrow.” Fans are paying heed to the band’s entrancing riffs and quickly become life long fans. The band has recently signed with 20 Buck Spin to for their sophomore release ‘Curse Of Conception’. The album was engineered and mixed by Sanford Parker (Yob, Pelican, Eyehategod) and features artwork by Joe Petagno (Motörhead, Magic Circle, Autopsy), and will see worldwide release through 20 Buck Spin on CD, LP, and digital formats on October 6th. With widespread touring in support of ‘Curse Of Conception’ impending, Spirit Adrift has already booked two release shows for the LP. The first takes place on their home turf in Tempe, Arizona on October 7th alongside Atriarch, Take Over And Destroy, and Divine Hammer. The second release show invades Denver, Colorado a week later, playing October 14th with now-labelmates Khemmis as well as Abrams.

‘Curse Of Conception’ kicks off with some amazing riffs on the track “Earthbound”. Nate Garrett chimes in with his powerful melodic vocals. He really stretches out the lyrics and vocally holding notes with precision. The slow slamming riffs are what gives the band their amazing doom sound. There is an ambiance to the way the riffs and vocals are orchestrated. At moments throughout the song you get a really heavy Black Sabbath influence. The way in which Nate is able to fade his vocals down and fade them away at the end of a delivery is just amazing. Later in the song you get some isolated riffs that momentarily take you back to a more classic rock guitar sound, and then right back into the more doom filled riffs. The way in which they alternate back and forth and include so much instrumental work really sets their sound apart. “To Fly On Broken Wings” starts out with this slowed down melodic guitar riff. It has that true live sound where you can even hear the pick scratching along the strings. Just as you begin to adjust to the pace their faster side takes over and everything speeds up. In this track Nate’s vocals become a little more gritty, but they still have that celebrated melodic style he is known for. Marcus Bryant’s drumming on this track really show off his technical abilities. His constant rhythm is what helps the song flow so well. Spirit Adrift is constantly changing the pace and tempo on each track and for a drummer it takes tremendous talent to do what he has accomplished on these tracks. Another stand out moment is just when you think the track is over and you hear some reverb as the song fades off into the distance a bit it kicks in at the fastest pace yet. Along with Nate on guitar is also Jeff Owens. As the pair trade licks its not easy to tell who is responsible for any given riff. On “Spectral Savior” the band delivers riff after riff and they constantly change it up. You will not get very many repeating riffs with these axe slingers. Solos are abundant and create this clarity within each track. “Spectral Savior” also showcases a change in Nate’s vocal delivery. With the thundering bass lines ringing out by Chase Mason it begs the vocals to be somewhat more rough and raw. And that’s exactly what happens. Though you still get those melodic moments too there is a substantial shift in Nate’s voice that creates a narrative to the song. Rather than singing it’s almost as if he is speaking directly to you.

‘Curse Of Conception’ is quickly going to cause Spirit Adrift to gain a massive fan base. Doom lovers beware, you will not be able to stop listening to this album. When October 6th rolls around and you pick up your copy and can’t put it down for weeks just remember we told you so.

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