Review: SIXCIRCLES – ‘New Belief’ [Album Stream]


Sixcircles came to light in the blinding heat of August 2017 in Italy. The Dark psychedelic rock group was formed by Sara B. (Messa, Restos Humanos) and Giorgio T. (Haemophagus, Assumption, Elevators to the Grateful Sky, Furious Georgie ). The duo composed, recorded, mixed and mastered its first full-length album in barely three months time. The first record is entitled ‘New Belief’ and it was released on March 1, 2018 by Phonosphera Records.


The album kicks off with the appropriately titled “New Belief Begins”. It’s got that instant 70’s vibe. The song has this amazing groove and the vocal harmonies that Giorgio and Sara create are simply jaw dropping. Upon the first listen of the album I had to immediately listen to this opening track a second time before moving on to track 2. The instrumentation is flawless, it makes you want to listen even more closely so your ears can consume every note. Moving on finally to track 2 “Blue Is The Colour “. The song carries a more bluesy vibe and also includes more vocals than the previous song. Though both Giorgio and Sara sing in harmony they alternate slightly in dominance throughout the song. At times his vocals will be slightly more predominant and then hers will on the next verse. It’s a subtle change that just adds another level of complexity to their musicianship. “The Prison” begins with a thunderous pounding drum and some heavier guitar licks. The song takes a dark twisted turn in comparison to the Sixcircles other tracks. While momentarily it feels out of place it then we hear this metamorphosis to that familiar psychedelic rock sound. “Sins You Hide” take us back to that familiar bass and guitar driven style that is peppered with harmonic vocals. It’s an amazing album that is different in some ways but so familiar in others. It has a comforting feel that is welcoming and appealing to the ear.

Sixcircles brings a sound that is difficult to put to words. The best comparison I could give listeners is that it sounds like an acid drenched The Mamas & The Papas mixed with The Doors. Of course Sixcircles has their own sound that would be impossible for any other band to replicate. Giorgio and Sara have a chemistry that bounds their voices together creating one complex tone that is as close to perfect as possible.



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