Review: SIGNS OF THE SWARM – ‘The Disfigurement Of Existence’ [Official Videos]

After releasing the record ‘Senseless Order’ people were already dying over how brutal Signs Of The Swarm is but after the just released album ‘The Disfigurement Of Existence’ you will most likely not even be able to tell the tale. So fasten your seatbelts and get ready for the roller coaster of your life!

Earlier this year, September 7th to be exact, Signs Of The Swarm released their first track of the album named ”Cesspool Of Ignorance” and with that they set the bar extremely high for themselves but they proved to absolutely demolish that bar. I am not even sure what to adress first, the out of this damned world vocals from CJ or the earthquake hitting guitar riffs with the blistering drum in the background. Even though a lot of amazing shit hits the Earth via SlAM WORLDWIDE I at first couldn’t even handle this and when CJ takes his last breath of air to show us what his throat is capable of I became officially hooked on their sound.

After listening to the full album a couple times there were a couple songs that instantly stood out from the others and one of them is ”Cowards Deathbed”, besides having an awesome title it also holds one of the better combination between vocals and instrumentals. The mind blowing vocals with the tough yet emotional guitar riffs are simply not of this planet. they will crush your spine in halve before you know it. Definitely one of the reasons for buying this album!

The next song might be a little suprising sounding, it did to me as well but I have grown to love it. The track I am talking about is ”Guided Into Serenity”. It is an instrumental! Yes you heard it right, no vocals at all. Even though I absolutely adore the nasty vocals I am very much enjoying the sudden chance. Going from a song which will tear your soul apart to one that is more focused on being emotional and calm is something I can’t describe. Compared to the other songs this one is from the complete opposite of the spectrum yet it belongs in this very album.

‘The Disfigurement Of Existence’ is going to change the way you look at deathcore or if you want to be precise ”Slamming Deathcore”. They have perfected the slamming aspect and combined it with the best sides of deathcore such as breakdowns, melodic riffs and filthy vocal techniques. There a lot of bands but none are like Signs Of The Swarm, they are just good at everything they do and to finish it off they have got themselves one of the best producers that are currently out there. It has all been mixed and mastered by Phil Pluskota which has done some incredible work for bands such as Abiotic, King Conquer, Human Error and many more. So if by now you haven’t bought the album do it right below!

Order  ‘The Disfigurement Of Existence’ here!

Signs Of The Swarm line-up:

CJ McCreery – Vocals
Cory Smarsh – Guitar
Jacob Toy – Guitar
Bobby Crow – Bass
Jimmy Pino – Drums

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