Review: ELECTRIC WIZARD – ‘Wizard Bloody Wizard’ [Official Video]

Formed in 1993 and having released album after album of genre defining doom metal, Electric Wizard are back once again to melt faces with their newest release ‘Wizard Bloody Wizard’ (licensed to Spinefarm Records through the bands own Witchfinder Records). While the album isn’t as memorable as ‘Dopethrone’ I’d still argue that it’s the strongest thing they’ve done since ‘Witchcult Today’. ‘Wizard Bloody Wizard’ the ninth ELECTRIC WIZARD studio album is released October 20th 2017 via Witchfinder Records / Spinefarm Records

Electric Wizard is a band who are considered champions of the doom metal community. They are a band who do things their own way and could care less if anyone likes it or not. They are occasionally sloppy in places and yeah, the production could probably be better, but guess what? Electric Wizard is supposed to sound this way! They are a band who embrace the raw and the macabre and that’s why they appeal to so many! With ‘Wizard Bloody Wizard’ Electric Wizard continue with lyrical themes such as murder, drugs, and horror. As far as instrumentation is concerned, you’ll quickly discover that this LP definitely has more of a Hard rock/ Heavy Blues vibe going on, as opposed to the straight forward downer vibe that was present on their last release “Time to Die.” LP Opener “See you in Hell” is a heavy blues number that will (at first) through off listeners who may be new to EW, but after multiple listens it grows on you and feels as natural as anything else the band has released! Standout track “Necromania” is easily the best song on ‘Wizard Bloody Wizard’ and honestly is probably one of my favorite EW songs PERIOD, with it’s upbeat and contagious riffing! As far as filler goes I imagine that if “The Reaper” was removed from the tracklist, the album would still flow just fine. It’s the shortest track on the LP clocking in under four minutes and honestly it just feels pointless. Closing track “Mourning of the Magicians” is the “epic” of “Wizard Bloody Wizard” and I can attest that it does not disappoint in the slightest! It’s the longest track, clocking in at nearly 12 minutes, but with it’s gargantuan main riff and soulful soloing towards the end, this is a song that will get a lot of repeat listens!

Although ‘Wizard Bloody Wizard’ doesn’t reach the height of past glories (‘Dopethrone’,’ Let us Prey’) it is an album from a band who sounds revitalized and who are ready to conquer the world with their specialized style of dirty, offensive and macabre brand of DOOM METAL!


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