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Finally I get to write about the upcoming gods of symphonic deathcore, Shadow Of Intent. I have been crazy in love with them since their debut album ‘Primordial’ and I can’t stop talking about them. They are unlabaled, they manage everything themselves AND they also managed to make an album that made everyone go nuts in the deathcore community. Ben Duerr is the vocalist of the band and he has a voice like no one else does and the lyrics are influenced by the Halo Series. For those of you that don’t know, Halo is a sciencefiction- first person shooter that is known to be the best of it’s kind. Halo has been so succesful that they created even more Halo games and also published some books around the Halo theme. Now let’s get back to the amazing members. Chris Wiseman and Federico Zuccarelli are both guitar players for the band and they fit the theme perfectly! I couldn’t imagine the band with different guitar players because these guys really give the albums an emotional twist. Keith Kohlhepp is the bass player and Matt Kohanowski is the drummer of the band. Both are important factors that make the band Shadow Of Intent as good as it is. The band has made 1 EP in 2014 ”Inferi Sententia” and also made a debut album named ”Primordial” so far but the 27th of April made change to that. On that exact date they released a masterpiece that is known by the name ‘Reclaimer’, I have waited for this release for over a year but i knew they wouldn’t disappoint and after hearing some vocals, guitar solo’s and even whole songs before the album release I knew they wouldn’t. And guess what? They didn’t!

First of all. You need to take a look at this incredible work of art. Just the art work on it’s own would be a reason to buy the album but let’s not forget about the Halo themed songs.

”The Horror Within” is the first song to be released before the full album got out. It got released on the 31th of March on their own youtube channel. If you haven’t listened to it yet click HERE to listen to it because it showcases everything the band is capable of and that is a lot so be prepared. Still sitting on your chair? Well if you are then you deserve a medal because I got blasted out of mine the moment the song started. The best thing about the whole song is the fact that they included a spongebob quote. Amazing right? A Halo themed song with a spongebob quote, it can’t get any better!

“The inner machinations of my mind are an enigma” – Patrick

They started a band that is Halo themed for fun, they just did it because they wanted to and they thought the band wouldn’t evolve into something this huge. But fuck they were wrong. The band is one of the most popular bands from the genre and they deserve every bit of it. This song specifically is about the 343 Guilty Spark mission from Halo, if you want to read more about that mission click HERE.

The next song you need to know about is the song that features Jason Evans from Ingested and Dickie Allen who is known for being the vocalist of the filthiest band that mankind has even known, Infant Annihilator. The song we are talking about is ”The Catacombs”.Being a huge fan of all of these vocalists made me go insane. People are constantly talking about songs with all their favorite vocalists and this is officially the best collaboration in the entire universe. It’s nothing like the band has ever created. The vocals are so brutal your eyes will pop out before even opening the damn link. The band was a little skeptical about this song because it’s completely different and way heavier but they absolutely nailed it.

Now let’s talk about my absolute favorite song from the album ”The Forsaken Effigy”. This song deserves a damn album on it’s own. I have never ever heard anything like this song at all. It’s structured beautifully and the intro is magnificent. I remember listening to the album on the same date it got released and nothing amazed me more then this song. I just can’t stop talking about it. The guitar riffs are out of this planet and the lyrics are jaw breaking. Click HERE for the entire lyrics of the song.

”Dissolving remnants of molested offspring please my belly for it aches of youth.”

This is the album i have been waiting for since the first message came out about Shadow Of Intent making a new album. It has definitely paid off! I thought that they could never make an album better than their debut album ‘Primordial’ but they proved me wrong. This album consists of everything a person searches for in a symphonic deathcore band. It has riffs played right from the heart, vocals that will demolish everything that comes in it’s path and the drum is adding that little bit of pure rawness. The lyrics are nasty, brutal and about the most populair sciencefiction game ever created: Halo. And to think that this is just their second album is just hellbent. The possibilities this band has are unlimited. ‘Reclaimer’ is a must buy for every symphonic deathcore fan! Buy it HERE! They also have some cool merchandise as well as their debut album ‘Primordial’ to buy, click HERE to check that out!

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Listen to their full album right below.

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