Review: SAMSARA BLUES EXPERIMENT – ‘One With The Universe’ [Album Stream]

In less than two weeks, Samsara Blue Experiment‘s fourth full length album officially releases. The trio formed in Germany in 2007 and is well praised in the stoner/doom/psychedelic rock community. ‘One With The Universe’ will be released via Electric Magic Records, the band’s second album on the label. The artwork you see above was created by French artist Michel Bassot. Samsara Blues Experiment lives up to their name by experimenting a little bit more with synthesizers than they have on past records. They still manage to maintain the focus of putting forth heavy material while also adding in new elements to open more doors for the band. Although it doesn’t drop physically until May 12th, you can already stream the album online. The band worked with largely popular YouTube channel Stoned Meadow of Doom and you can actually listen to it below right now. If you like what you hear be sure to support the artists by pre-ordering the record here.

We dive into this work of art with the near 11 minute epic “Vipassana”. This song is everything you could ask for in doom metal and stoner rock. The atmospheric intro is to die for, and then rotates between that heavy blues sound Samsara Blues Experiment is known for and space-like guitar breaks. A rich bass line leading us into a wall of sound for the rest of the song takes the track to a close while bringing the listener to another dimension. “Sad Guru Returns” is a sharp, riff-filled monster of a track. There are several layers through the tune to attempt a peaceful mood shift effect. I love using music like this to study or read as it is very upbeat but relaxing at the same time. Thomas Vedder fires on all cylinders on the drums towards the end to bring the song to a dramatic ending. “Glorious Daze” has a large psychedelic vibe that will please the ears. The complexity of the band really shows on this track as they show how powerful they sound even with just three guys in the band. The influence of Pink Floyd clearly shows on this track and is one of my favorite tracks by them. With only two songs left on the record, there is still about 23 minutes left on there for the band to show out. The title track “One With The Universe” is just slightly over 15 minutes! Their folk and India sounds are strongly sensed here while also seeming to be a little on the progressive side. Several genres leak into this record, hence the band’s name. The collaboration of their instruments coming together and trading off solos is absolutely breathtaking. They also display their use of the phaser more in this song to create an evocative emotion within the listener. The album arrives at its end with “Eastern Sun & Western Moon”. The booming bass from Hans Eiselt and quite vocals from Christian Peters combine for a masterful sound before dropping into a trippy instrumental break and then back to the verse. The song constantly evolves into something bigger and heavier than it was previously before winding down to a close. Samsara Blues Experiment has composed their most diverse record yet and continues to impress with their superior riffs and mysterious song writing powers. Be sure to follow the band on Facebook and pre-order the album at the link mentioned above earlier. You can stream the album below as well.

‘One With The Universe’ Track List
1. Vipassana
2. Sad Guru Returns
3. Glorious Daze
4. One with the Universe
5. Eastern Sun & Western Moon

Samsara Blues Experiment is:
Christian Peters – Guitars/Vocals
Hans Eiselt – Bass
Thomas Vedder – Drums

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