Review: RENDERED HELPLESS – ‘Entities Of Transdimensional Emergence’ [Official Album Stream]

Rendered Helpless is a brutal slamming death metal band from Christchurch, New Zealand. It’s a 1 man side project created by Alexander Paul. He does everything by himself besides the drums because those are programmed. He is the man behind the brutal vocals and the nasty guitar riffs. Alexander’s main band is Organectomy which he is the vocalist for. First his focus was on that band but after some time he came back to Rendered Helpless and gave birth to the filthiest album mankind has even known that goes by the name ‘Entities Of Transdimensional Emergence’, available on SLAMWORLDWIDE and on their bandcamp page. The main idea behind this side project was to practise vocals and instruments but after this album got released it became much more. Before making this album he released a few singles via soundcloud and some demos and compilations as well. Just last year he created his debut album ‘Unstoppable Parasites’ which will grab you by your throat and squeeze till it implodes. I’m glad he decided to focus on Rendered Helpless because this is for sure one of my favorites slam releases of this year!

The intro of an album is really important because it is the first impression. ”Conjuring Endless Monstrosities” will for sure leave you with a good one. It won’t let you take a single breath, it kicks you with it’s sharp boot so you will get right in. In slam the intro might even be more important, you could either choose to start slow or go face first with inhuman vocals that will turn you into a serial killer. Alaxander decided to go with the first one which I really like about this record, it creates just the feeling that an album like this needs. A feeling of unknown species trying to get into our world to devour everything we have ever known.

”Enforced Extinction” is the 6th song of the album and it’s even nastier than you could ever imagine. The intro is just insane, there are no other words for it. It starts with a somewhat slow riff that later get crushed by the drum. When the vocals start you will freak out, I have never ever heard a lower vocal cord in my entire life. I would honestly believe if Alaxander told me he recorded an alien. It’s out of this godforsaken world. When the song continues and you haven’t felt the need of growling along you for sure need to get checked. You can’t just sit still while listening to this song. Don’t believe me? Try for yourself HERE!

”Entities Of Frenzied Masturbation’‘ might be the the grossest name for a song ever. Yes you read it right, this is an actual song name. The lyrics are as equally sexual as they are insane and will have you either heading straight to EhoCams live sex cams or straight to the toilet to throw up, depending on what you’re into. But this song slams so hard it’s unbelievable. Ever wondered how it would feel if you dick got cut off while they were slowly plucking every single toe of your body, 1 by 1? If you didn’t then this song will give you a good impression and if you did, you should visit a docter.

Photo Credits: Antonia Rose Photography.

”Entities Of Transdimensional Emergence” might be the work of just one person but it for sure doesn’t sound like one. Slam is one of my favorite genres because of a couple of things and this album has really done a great job on all of them. First one is the intro, it’s a complete madhouse that you will always remember. The second thing I like about the album is the tempo changes, not a lot of slam bands have a lot of them but it sounds way better when they do. Last thing I really approved of are the vocals. There are out of this damn world and add to much to the album. I know a lot of slam bands with great vocals but this one is one of a kind.

There have been some local guests that have joined up with Alaxander to create this massacre such as Steven Booth of Depraved, Sam McRobert of Secularity and James Vanner. It has been mixed and mastered by Miguel Tereso of Demigod Recordings and the album art has been done by the master himself, Mark Cooper from Mindrape Art. He has done an incredible job on this one as well as the latest album art for one of my personal favorites, Analepsy.

If you like slam as much as I do you definitely need to check it out, scroll down below to listen to this bloodbath.

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