Review: RENDERED HELPLESS – ‘Entities Of Transdimensional Emergence’ [Official Album Stream]

Rendered Helpless is a brutal slamming death metal band from Christchurch, New Zealand. It’s a 1 man side project created by Alexander Paul. He does everything by himself besides the drums because those are programmed. He is the man behind the brutal vocals and the nasty guitar riffs. Alexander’s main band is Organectomy which he is the vocalist for. First his focus was on that band but after some time he came back to Rendered Helpless and gave birth to the filthiest album mankind has even known that goes by the name ‘Entities Of Transdimensional Emergence’, available on SLAMWORLDWIDE and on their bandcamp page. The main idea behind this side project was to practise vocals and instruments but after this album got released it became much more. Before making this album he released a few singles via soundcloud and some demos and compilations as well. Just last year he created his debut album ‘Unstoppable Parasites’ which will grab you by your throat and squeeze till it implodes. I’m glad he decided to focus on Rendered Helpless because this is for sure one of my favorites slam releases of this year!

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