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Omega Diatribe

Omega Diatribe

First impressions can mean everything when you hear a band or a new album for the first time. Sometimes all it takes is a minute into track 1 and you have probably decided if the band or album is something you like. With bands like Omega Diatribe it doesn’t take a minute. You listen to the first 30 seconds and you will be saying to yourself “hell fucking yes”. The band was formed back in 2008 in Budapest, Hungary. They released a demo in 2012, and then followed it up with the full-length album “IAPETUS” a year later. They have now released an EP entitled “Abstract Ritual” in February of this year. It was released by Independent Ear Records. The band was formed by guitarist Gergo Hájer and bassist Ákos Szathmáry. The new EP features none other than Kevin Talley on drums. Kevin has played with some of the best bands in metal both as a studio and touring drummer. He has played with Daath, Six Feet Under, The Red Chord, Dying Fetus and many more. The band has since added a full time drummer to the band named Tommy Kiss who joined the band earlier this year. Omega Diatribe brings a lot to the table as a band, but everything is built around the groove and it gives the band a complex sound that helps fans stay interested and wanting more.


“Abstract Ritual” is 6 pack of heaviness with an extra helping of groove. Things are kicked off with the song “Subsequent Phase”. The vocals are everything you could want in addition to the instrumentation. Vocalist Gergely Komáromi has this ferocious growl that you instantly find yourself addicted to. The groove on the track just overwhelms the listener. I find it impossible to remain still throughout the entire song, it just inspires movement. The songs all seem to be built around the talents of bassist Akos. It doesn’t take away from the guitar parts at all but the bass is front a center for most songs and especially on “Hydrozoan Periods”. Everything slows down when you get to “The Quantum”. This song is what I like to refer to as a palate cleanser. It helps break up the monotony of the brutality on an album, giving your ears a break and then leading you right back into it. The entire track is mostly an undistorted guitar part with a sample in the middle. The one thing that sucks about a great album is when you know you are on the last track. You just want to savor it for as long as possible so it won’t end. The album has great re-listening appeal and will likely be on my playlist for weeks if not months. The conclusion to the album leaves us with “Unshadowed Days” (Perception Remix) which will remind you of Meshuggah at times. Gergely is back with the fierce growl we have become well acquainted with through the 6 track journey. I think having Kevin Talley on this album just brings another complexity to the album, his drumming style fit so perfectly with the band that it just makes sense. Omega Diatribe has impressed me thoroughly with this EP, as I’m sure they will with anyone who gives it a listen.

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