Review: MALET GRACE – ‘Malsanity’ [Official Videos]


Malet Grace formed in 2014 in Italy. The band formed based on the idea of ​​the singer / guitarist Giampaolo Polidoro, who developed the plan after an encounter with guitarist Alessandro Toselli. After the first session of composition, where the first version of “Egopathy” was perfected, they contacted guitarist Andrea Paglierini who decided to devote himself entirely to the instrument of the bass. The newly formed neo-band develops the idea of ​​a concept album based on the disintegration of the ego and its opening to the apocryphal patterns of the human intellect and the consequent immorality of the contrasting debate between good and evil. The term “Malet Grace” shares both idiosyncratic shapes of the fragile art of existence.  The band recorded their demo in late 2014, but afterwards the drummer left the band. In December 2015, drummer Andrea Giovanetti joined the line-up of the band. The first full-length recordings are scheduled for June 2016. The band has now released ‘Malsanity’ that includes a unique blend of varying influences and styles. It’s not often a band can cross genres on one single song but somehow they manage to be the masters of doing just that.


You can’t talk about this album without mentioning the bands namesake track “Malet Grace”. The song has an amazing thrash sound with a little bit of prog thrown in. The guitars chug along and is one of the more thrashier elements of their sound. The vocals have a prog feel but there are also some backing vocals that are harsh and gritty and add some amazing depth to the track. As the track moves on you also get some amazing old school guitar solos with delicate fret fingering precision. G. Polidoro vocals have an amazing range, he goes from calm soothing clean vocals to a much higher pitch howl and then those backing vocals thrown in adds the little bit of harshness that makes everything multilayered and cohesive. I can hear a major Megadeth influence in their music with a little touch of prog. The track  “Subconsciousness Of Misery” Polidoro’s vocals change things up quite a bit. This song carries much more of a power metal vibe. While the track also has some backing vocals they are also quite different, and more in a haunting whisper. While this song showcases the bands ability to play in various styles I feel like their songs more like “Malet Grace” are much more powerful and show their strengths even more. ” Subconsciousness Of Misery” does have an amazing bass solo breakdown by A. Paglierini that leads into some more killer guitar work by Polodoro and A. Toselli. The instrumental parts of this song certainly take us back to a classic 80’s hard rock kind of sound. Back in the days where solos were prevalent and amazing. We want to thank the gents kindly for keeping the solos alive in their tracks. The way the song comes to an end is also amazing, you get a little reverb and then its off like a space ship, simply amazing. Malet Grace also add tracks like “Egopathy” that have a super eerie opening with a slow door opening and a shrieking laugh. Then once that door opens up it welcomes a fury of riffs and lightning fast lyrical flow. “Egopathy” really showcases the bands unique blend of thrash and power metal. The varying vocal tones keep the song from ever growing stagnant. You get those powerful higher pitched vocals, a sultry whisper and then a gravely harsh scream. Of course no Malet Grace song shall ever end without an instrumental breakdown and some delicate guitar work. This is a very unique album that you will certainly listen to more than once. ‘Malsanity’ is created and composed in such a manner that it’s impossible to grow tired of. The bands ability to meld on genre into another gives them some of the most depth as a band that I have heard in years.




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