Review: Lowercase Gods – When The Serpent Sings [Stream]

Lowercase Gods hail from Columbia, South Carolina and was formed in 2010. The band has their footing in the old school metal world, but it’s new age technology that we should praise for the bands formation. Guitarist/songwriter John Huiett was based in Minneapolis, Minnesota, bassist Scott Kimmell and drummer Markus Unum based out of South Carolina. Distance wasn’t about to stop this band however. The band made many trips back and forth and then in 2012 found their powerful voice in singer Web Hulon. With his voice leading the charge Lowercase Gods was destined to bring old school metal back to its rightful place in the music world. Lowercase Gods debut album, ‘Pull the Trigger’, was released in September 2013 to international praise. The spring of 2016 saw the band re-enter the Jam Room with Matheson to record seven additional songs. In September OF 2016, Lowercase Gods released their second full-length album, ‘When The Serpent Sings’. The vocalist commented on the album saying “I see the album like the muscle cars that they’re making now,” Hulon says. “They’re based on the classic models, with familiar styling and lots of power, but with updated features and new technology and engineering. And you can’t help but to want to take it for a spin.” He is dead on, this album is like a muscle car made of 100% American made steel with the octane to take you on a fast and furious musical road trip.

Lowercase Gods opening up the album with the power anthem “The House”. It’s a personal introduction to the band, starting with a teasing riff and then delving into the beat head on. Singer Web Hulon‘s powerful vocals guide you through the song. The lyrics “It’s physical, It’s spiritual, your standing in the house, we are the house” almost define the bands sound. You are in Lowercase Gods house now so buckle up and enjoy the ride. “Flags” slows things down a bit in comparison to the other energetically charged tracks. The riffs are still dominant even though somewhat more somber. The song is reminiscent of some old school classic 70’s era heavy metal. “Roll The Freddie” quickens up the pace somewhat. The vocals chug along with John Huiett’s dominating guitar riffs. Lowercase Gods adds a bit of groove to the album with the song “Recluse”. The song is full of thundering base lines by bassist Scott Kimmell. The bass and the constant rythmic beats by drummer Markus Unum give this song an almost punk vibe. Its a great contrast on the album that adds a new layer of flavor and ensures the listeners attention. The songs lyrical content is the perfect “ode to the bachelor”. The track “Slam Shut” begins as a guitar lovers dream. The album as a whole gives you everything an old school metal head craves, but they also add new age elements that give them somewhat of a modern vibe. Give this album a chance and I’m certain it will make it into your normal rotation.

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