Review: CODE ORANGE – ‘Forever’ [Song Stream]

Critically acclaimed hardcore band Code Orange are set to release their 3rd LP, ‘Forever’ next week on January 13th, 2017. ‘Forever’ will be the band’s first release on major label Roadrunner Records. Their previous 2 records were released on Deathwish. It will be the follow up to their highly praised album ‘I Am King’ which was released in 2014. In my opinion, ‘I Am King’ was one of the best hardcore records in the last 10 years, so topping the record is going to be considered a huge challenge by many. The band formed in 2008 in Pittsburgh, PA. The lineup has changed a few times but has been consistent since 2012, the current members of the band are Eric Balderose on guitar and vocals, Reba Meyers also on guitar and vocals, Jami Morgan on the drums and vocals, and Joe Goldman on the bass. They changed their name from Code Orange Kids to Code Orange in 2014. You can pre-order the new album here.

While this release differs a little bit from the last record, it is still beautifully heavy. The band still carries that heavy, vintage 90s hardcore sound, but they also venture a little bit deeper into clean vocals. Some cleans were featured on the last album but it wasn’t common. Songs like “Bleeding in the Blur”, “Ugly”, “Hurt Goes On”, and “dream2” all feature the clean vocals and show that the band is still evolving and can expand their sound to stand apart from other hardcore bands. The album is obviously still filled with material that will kick your teeth in. “Real” starts off with a blistering drum pattern with hectic vocals surrounding it. This song will either make you want to get into a fight or give you anxiety.. or both. “Bleeding in the Blur” was just released by the band and you can check out the song below. This is probably my favorite track on the album, it shows the diversity and ability of the band to do something different. The song is pretty laid back for Code Orange but it is a great rock song. I applaud them for pushing their boundaries. “The New Reality” starts off with a crunchy riff and leads into a slower, brutal beatdown song. The song then slows down for a bit but then builds back up and absolutely destroys you, sheer violence in a 2 minute span. “Ugly” is another great song featuring their clean vocals. You hear a ton of different genres in this like grunge, gothic rock, sludge, and some industrial metal. Some fans may be worried from the sound of my review that the band has abandoned the heavy sound. That is far from true, songs like “Forever”, “Kill Your Creator”, and “No One is Untouchable” are sure to be songs to cause all sorts of havoc at their live shows. Honestly, I was expecting a completely in your face record again but Code Orange has proved me wrong, showing that they are more than a one trick pony. Another great release to kick off the year and I encourage everyone to check the new material out. You will NOT regret it. Go pick the album up next Friday and support the band. You can check out their upcoming tour dates with Youth Code and other special guests below. Also be sure to follow the band on Facebook.

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