Review: HEY SATAN – S/T [Album Stream]

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HEY SATAN is a rock trio from Lausanne, Switzerland. The band is comprised of long time friends, which you can easily hear their chemistry together. The friends were former members of the bands Shovel and Houston Swing Engine. They create a sound that is unique and encompasses several different elements that will appeal to fans of most any genre. From their fingertips to your ears the band brings heavy groove riffs, thundering beats and lyrics with attitude. Their influences range from Led Zepplin to Rage Against The Machine, which you can hear in their wide array of sounds within their songs. The band recently completed their debut self-titled album. It was recorded, mixed and mastered by Serge Morratel at Rec Studio in Geneva, Switzerland and released via Cold Smoke Records on January 28th. The band delivers 10 stellar track, but you will become a fan before the opening track comes to an end.

This debut begins like a good sermon, but in this case to the devil himself. “Brothers and sisters, speed freaks…” is the welcoming words from the stoner trio on the song “Fallon City Messiah”. The track showcases the punchy riff style of the band and also the high and low tone variations from guitarist Laurent. Vocalist Francois belts out the lyrics in a clean and melodic singing manner, but it still has a rough edge that gives the band a sense of rawness. “Legal Aspect of Love” starts with a rhythmic beat and then broadcasts a more aggressive side of the band. The vocals here become slightly harsher. The qualities within the vocal arrangements may be reminiscent of early 90’s grunge along with some elements of stoner rock. Get ready to grit your teeth during the song “1991”. The song has these amazing distorted guitar riffs and the vocals are a little throatier than before. This song also delivers a heavy dose of groove and you even hear some jazz elements within the band. One of the keys to the constant pace and rhythm is thanks to drummer Frank who showcases a constant beat that propels the song slightly above the rest. Of course you can’t pass up the hilariously titled track “This Meat Stinks, Honey!” The vocals have been a staple on the majority of the record, but this song proves that the band can dominate in an instrumental fashion as well. The track has an almost ambient feeling when it begins, and slowly drifts through a beat to some incredible stoner rock guitar riffs. The composition of this song is the definition of eargasm. There are so many elements within this record that it’s hard to clarify them all. Hey Satan creates a heavy stoner groove from start to finish and leaves you aching for more of their flawlessly performed cuisine. By far one of the strongest debut albums I have heard in years, and you can bet that this album will make several best of 2017 lists; it will surely be on mine.

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