Review: KARABAS BARABAS – ‘Return Of The Sexy Demon’ [Song Stream]


Today we step into the weird, wacky world of Karabas Barabas. The band has managed to create something unlike anything else I’ve ever heard. The alt rock trio combines elements of alternative, psychedelic, and punk rock to make for some epic driving music. ‘Return of the Sexy Demon’ was released last year on December 22nd, 2016 independently. It was recorded and mixed by Steve Albini (Godspeed You! Black Emperor, Neurosis, Helmet, Zao) and mastered by Bob Weston (Sebadoh, June of 44, Polvo). This band from Brooklyn, New York will take you on a strange, trippy journey throughout the 28 minute period of the record. Just sit back and take it all in. Check out their live performance of “Casino Tears” below and see what they had to say about it: “While the Sexy Demon ran amok, the angels whispered in our ear “Let it thunder let it rain, let the buffalo remain”. So we visited the people of standing rock, where we met a great chief, who was 133 years old. He told us his tale, and in turn we wrote “Casino Tears”. Now is the time to stand with the indigenous people of the world, because the demon is out for blood and revenge.” – Karabas Barabas

‘In Waves’ starts us off with a smooth beat sending the listener into a relaxed trance. Vocals trade out back and forth from the soft and deep voices and then take us into an instrumental heaven between lines. “Casino Tears” which was mentioned early, starts off with a tasty bassline an epic vocal pattern that could one day be chanted as an anthem. In the fastest paced track of the album, “Barbara and the Boys”, the three-piece drills through four minutes of thunderous bass, unorthodox guitar, and a memorable showing on the drums. The track takes a slower turn towards the end and send the whole song into another level. The unpredictability of this band is fantastic, which is why I definitely recommend checking them out. “Sexy Guy” is loaded with epic riffs and lyrics that are perfect for dancing to. It has a huge 90s psych vibe to it that fans will love. “Sexy Guy” leads right into “Brighton Beach”, one for the bass lovers. There is also plenty of synth in there along with the incredibly magnificent bass. The last song, “Ode to the Disenchanted Cottage” may be the strangest song on the record lyrically. You will hear people being referred to as a gay black man, including Elmo, Elvis and Jesus. Even for regular psych listeners, Karabas Barabas has brought forth a unique piece of art that will gain the attention of many sooner or later. Below is a stream of another song from the record, “Being A Man”. You can buy ‘Return of the Sexy Demon’ here on Bandcamp.  Also be sure to follow the band on Facebook for tour updates and other news from the band.

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