Review: HATE UNBOUND – ‘Plague’

The Motor City’s HATE UNBOUND are like a high performance engine that keeps cranking. The band are the sonic equivalent of a booze fueled fist fight among friends. The band heralds a do it yourself attitude that has allowed them to lead the charge in defining today’s heavy metal landscape. Singer Art Giammarra, guitarist Daryl Mitchell, guitarist William Cundiff, bassist Sean Demura, and drummer Franklin “Foot” Hannah have a range of influences like Death and Lamb Of God. The members equally collaborate together to create their unique sound. After their formation in 2013 the band has performed along side acts like Beyond Creation, Rivers of Nihil, Warbringer, Havok, and Belphegor. HATE UNBOUND have made a name for themselves due to their energetic live performances. HATE UNBOUND released 3 track demo in July of 2015 and now things are about to heat up even more for the band. Their debut album ‘Plague’ was just released on February 17th via Inverse Records. ‘Plague’ was recorded, mixed and mastered during the spring and summer of 2016 at Elaire Studios in Detroit, Michigan. The process was delayed so HATE UNBOUND could perform at the New Jersey Metal Fest and Full Terror Assault festivals in the summer of 2016. Putting their album on hold shows to perform live shows the respect and admiration they have for their fans, and they do not disappoint when they take the stage either. HATE UNBOUND aren’t just another metal band, they are the keepers of all that is heavy.

HATE UNBOUND’s ‘Plague’ kicks things off with an enthusiastic thrash riff on the track “Baptised In Lies”. We get some momentary vocals that don’t immediately take over the song. Instead they allow the instruments to linger a bit longer and garnering your attention. It’s during that period the guitar takes on a whole different tone in very short solo style riff. This happens a couple time throughout the song and really breaks up the pattern. Though the guitars speak loudly in this track enough can’t be said about the constant rhythm and double bass blasts by drummer Franklin “Foot” Hannah. It’s easy to hear why his nickname is “Foot” when you hear that double bass thundering down at machine gun speed. “Suffering” kicks things up a notch on the heaviness chart. Vocalist Art Giammara takes on these different tones through the song that would make you think there is more than one singer. Not only the tone but his pace changes drastically at times. On this track the vocals take a more dominant stance. Guitarists Daryl Mitchell, and William Cundiff have this amazing array of riffs. They jump back and forth from heavily distorted to a much more refined classic solo riff. Let’s face it… the same distorted riff over and over can become bland and dull pretty quickly. These gentlemen do not allow that to happen, their tone variation keeps you guessing on each and every track. Like reading a mystery novel you never truly know when the riff is going to change and as a listener is a very welcoming experience. Of all the amazing riffs on this album “Burn Your Idols” probably holds the trophy for the best of the bunch. The level of guitar mastery is just out of this galaxy. The guitarists and bassist Sean Demura work in unison to create these chugging groove filled sounds that create a blanket like melody over the wicked harsh vocals. “Grey Skies” showcases more of the same from HATE UNBOUND, kick ass riffs, relentless screams and precision percussion. ‘Plague’ is by far one of the most technical and well composed albums I have heard thus far in 2017. Each member excels at their role in the band which makes for a superior final product. This album is a violent experiment that results in an extremely heavy dose of metal. HATE UNBOUND are ambassadors to the metal world, they are holding open the door and ‘Plague’ is your ticket inside.

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