Review: Gravehuffer – ‘Your Fault’ [Partial Album Stream]

Gravehuffer began their life as the band KROM in 2008. The band is from the Show Me State and that state nickname rings true with their sound. They aren’t flamboyant with their music, they seem to know the exact style they are going for and they show that within their music. Gravehuffer’s sound has really mutated since the beginning of the band, and they didn’t truly realize how unique their sound was until they began playing live shows. They add influences from all over the board including crust punk, grindcore, new wave of British heavy metal, sludge and doom. It seems like an odd mixture of influences, but with them all combined they come up with a style that has really set them apart from any competition. The band  featured  3 tracks on a compilation album called ‘Horrific Unholy Noise’ which featured brutal grind/death bands like CorpsefleshVomitomb and Facegrinder. Now Gravehuffer are preparing to release their debut album ‘Your Fault’, which was recorded and mixed at Iron Sights Studio by Larry Deardorff . ‘Your Fault’ is set to release on March 3, 2017. The band has already been receiving airplay on various online radio networks both domestic and international.

The album begins with the track “Gravehuffer” which introduces you to the band in a hauntingly grindcore manner. The shrieking guitar riffs and the constant pounding of the drums keep the song at a lightning pace. Guitarist Ritchie Randall gives us a great variation of riffs throughout the song, and his guitar tone is one of the signatures of the bands overall sound. “Of Fish And Men” puts the accelerator to the floor and picks up the pace. James Hiser’s vocals take on several different speeds in this short and sweet track. “Kill For Sport” has more of a sludge approach. Things are slowed down some and the vocals have this more gravelly baritone growl. Not only does this song have a sludgy sound but it also has a tremendous amount of groove as well. Next up is “Shut Up And Skate” and it shows a new side of the band. The pace of the song teases at some punk influence but is also a nod to their New Wave Of British Heavy Metal influence. The track is short, sweet and straight to the point. “Shut Up And Skate” has a very appealing raw sound. Unfiltered and unblemished the song heralds power and leaves the listener aching for more. “Destroyer of Worlds” this track truly puts emphasis on the vocals, they take center stage and command attention. The back and forth of the vocals plays out almost like an argument with the varying tones. The majority of the song stays true to their grindcore style, but as the end approaches you get some amazing thrash style riffs that truly give the song a new dimension. The tempo and style change helps the flow of the song and showcases Gravehuffer’s ability to break through being confined to one genre.

Follow Gravehuffer on Facebook here. Pre-order the ‘Your Fault’ on Bandcamp here.

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