Review: FUNERAL FOR THE MASSES – ‘Pitch Black’ [Official Video]


When we are talking about brutal Finnish death metal we are talking about Funeral For The Masses. This band is currently unsigned but has been rising higher and higher, so watch out! They are from the northern city of Oulu, Finland and I can tell you that this is a band you can add to the good Finnish bands. The band was founded in the winter of 2014 by Eemeli Bodde & Teemu Halmetoja. They have one vocalist, Teemu Halmetoja, guitarists Eemeli Bodde and Juho Näppä, bassist  Aleksi Statsevich and on the drums we have Niko Väärälä.They recorded and produced everything themselves, it got mixed & mastered by Timfy James (Hacktavist, Old School Studios). They have done some tours in the past with one of the biggest metal festivals in Finland. The last years they have been busy finding their sound and this EP shows what they are trying to create, a brutal mix of dark vocals with a feeling of revenge and terror. If you are a fan of their 2 EP’s before this, ‘’Deal With The Devil’’ or ‘’Blood Donation’’, you will be running for this one.

The EP takes off really groovy and heavy. The song we are talking about is ‘’Death Sentence’’. As stated by the band itself: ‘’The lyrical theme revolves around the fact that our politicians can’t take care of our society and force feed their own, idiotic ways to the people and keep driving our nations to ruin’’. This song is heavily themed around politics. It creates the feeling of rebellion, if this doesn’t get you on the streets then the magnificent blast beats will!

‘’Delusion’’ is a song about living a nightmare, it shows a person that is always in a nightmare he can’t escape. ‘’It’s like I’m living between two worlds’’. It’s the feeling of not belonging anywhere, which we can all agree on feeling at least once in our lives. “Anyone can be turned into a monster’’.  At this point the person is going insane, giving the song a massive boost. What I like the most about it is that the rhythm changes and every time it does the vocal style changes with it and so giving the song more and more power to it. This song also features the only guitar solo on the whole EP.

The next song that stands out is the song ‘’F.F.T.M’’. This is the band’s anthem song. This song displays exactly what this band is all about. It’s really extreme, it’s super chaotic and the vocals are to die for. ”F.F.T.M” really gets you hyped up for the rest of the EP. What really drives it are the drums. They drums are opening moments for the vocals to kick in while the guitar work is finishing the song perfectly.

Photo Credit: Jauko Posio

They are still trying to create their sound but this EP is getting really close to something great. It’s full of songs about nightmares and the horror in life. Breakdowns and different vocal styles are presented on this EP while the lyrics are adding more fuel to the fire. They use some unique techniques in their songs that I haven’t seen anyone else pull off. The beginning of the song ‘’Delusions’’, for example, starts off with an interesting use of instruments that I never heard of before and so creating a special feeling to the song. You have to listen to it yourself to truly experience it. The mixing on this EP is really strong, the fact that they mixed it themselves makes the EP much better while giving it an extraordinary sound. It’s raw but mixed really nicely at the same time, definitely worth checking out!




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