Review: BLACK COFFEE – ‘Take One’ [Official Video]


Does anyone here miss the way classic rock sounds? There is a new wave of young artists in Rock and Roll today keeping the traditions of classic artists alive, such as Greta Van Fleet, Joyous Wolf, etc. Notably, Columbus, Ohio rockers Black Coffee burst on to the scene in April 2017 with no signs of slowing down. The Ohio young bloods released, ‘Take One,’ as an independent release this past April and with one listen all the way through it’s clear that the chemistry and musicianship displayed by these guys is unlike a lot of up and coming artists in today’s day and age.

Admit it! Everyone has a spot in their plethora’s of music where classic rock is involved, and if not, let this be album that changes it for you. There’s something on this album for everyone. The soft, acoustic intro, appropriately called, “Creamer,” gives the perfect beginning to a joyride of an album, leading into the single from the album, “I Barely Know Her,” a youthful, energetic display of guitar riffage and crunchy vocals. The next track, “Hurricane,” is pretty self explanatory if the first two songs weren’t enough to pull you in. A swift, prestissimo rhythm that you can’t resist jamming along to. Don’t think that this is just some album you crank up to 11 every time you hear a song on it. The guys show they know how to slow things down and get personal with songs like, “The Traveler,” that showcase the other side of their musicianship.

I DARE someone to tell me Rock and Roll is dead. If you’re looking for a band to give you all the groovy, classic, down home vibes you got from all your favorite artists back in the day, this is the release for you. These guys are part of the reason why I have so much faith in the new age of Rock/Metal artists that are up and coming. I will say it once more, Rock is NOT dead and the future is in great hands. Do yourself a favor, turn this album on as soon as you get the chance.


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