Pat O’Brien May Be Sentenced

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Pat O’Brien May Be Sentenced

Cannibal Corpse guitarist Pat O’Brien was put under arrest near his house in Florida situated in Northdale. The house was set on fire and ammunition present on the property was exploding inside. The situation happened during the night on the 11th of December. The neighbors spotted the fire rising in the house of Pat O’Brien on Monday evening. Firemen were able to cope with the fire within one hour, however, their work was hampered by exploding ammunition that was inside the house all of the time. Though not confirmed, it is suspected that the ammo was improperly stored which lead to the fire becoming more dangerous. Some have stressed the importance of proper ammunition storage so that incidents like this are not repeated (see this site for more information).

Actual Facts

The police report, done after O’Brien was apprehended, states that he broke into a neighboring house and was refusing to leave it. It was made clear that he wasn’t permitted to be there by the owner and his relatives living there. According to the statement, he took the owner deep into the house, while he himself went to the backyard. Sheriff’s assistants found O’Brien behind the fence near his house, while he threatened them with a knife. In relation to O’Brien, a case has been filed involving the infiltration of someone else’s home, as well as for the aggravated assault on a police officer and the assault of a civilian.

The area was sealed off by the firemen and they remained at the site of the fire during the whole night even after its liquidation. The artist broke into his neighbor’s house and knocked her to the floor while his house was on fire and then ammunition exploded. When a policeman appeared at the scene, O’Brien attempted to attack him with a knife but was stopped with a stun gun.

On Wednesday, O’Brien was in the court, and a pledge of 50 thousand dollars was set on him. Afterward, the authorities decided to check him for the presence of narcotic substances in his body. A witness to the incident stated that the musician had hallucinations because he spoke of “ecstasy” and claimed that someone was following him. O’Brien allegedly even tried to hide in a closet in the house, which he broke into.


Pat O’Brien has been playing at Cannibal Corpse since 1997, and he took part in recording six albums. The Cannibal Corpse group was founded in 1988 and has about 12 studio albums in their discography. Cannibal Corpse is considered the most commercially successful death metal band in the world. On Monday, the band announced that they would join SLAYER as part of their farewell tour.

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