NOTHING MORE Guitarist “Rock Bands Have No Balls To Take Risks”

Texas rockers Nothing More have had quite the stranglehold on the active rock scene for the last few years.  Erupting on the scene with their uber catchy single “This Is The Time” (Ballast) in 2014 off the bands Self Titled album, the band hasn’t slowed down wining over fans with their aggressively heavy brand of hard rock, with emotive lyrics and penchant for saccharine choruses, and a stage show that has to be seen to be believed

Nothing More guitarist Mark Vollelunga opens up about what makes classic rock stand apart form todays acts that are afraid to open up and be real and honest stating

“And that’s what we’ve lost I think in our generation now, are the rock bands that are willing / have the balls to take risks, in a lyrical sense and an artistic sense too, thats true.

Ok the arrangement can be off or whatever it is, just follow the the story , say something, let me believe in the characters that you’re talking about, and let me imagine and bring me into your world.”

Listen to the full interview here:

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