Motörhead Gets New Video Game This Summer!

Even though Lemmy passed away more than a year ago, the legacy of Motörhead will never die. The act is one of the most iconic bands of all time, and it’s not surprising that fans don’t intend to let go of the legend any time soon. There have been no shortage of posthumous records, tribute concerts, memorials, and more dedicated to the kings of speed metal, but one way that the bassist continues to live on is through video games.

Video games might not be the first thing you think of when it comes to Motörhead (that’s probably “Ace of Spades”). You may be more inclined to think of a LOL elo boost when gaming comes up as a topic, after all. But the band has a richer digital history than you might think-and it goes back for more than 20 years. Way back in 1992 the British rockers got their first video game in the form of an adventure game for the Commodore Amiga system for the truly old-school among you. The 25-year-old classic doesn’t hold up particularly well, even from a retro perspective, but it’s definitely a fascinating relic from the history of the group.

And that wasn’t the last time that Lemmy and company would grace the world of video games. “Ace of Spades” was an obvious choice for songs that were included in the first Guitar Hero game, and it was one of only a few songs that appeared in more than one installment in the franchise. While their inclusion in Guitar Hero is obvious, the band has also shown up in more unexpected places including the world of online gaming. It’s there where Motörhead has become the subject of its own slot reel. The game contains audio content produced by the heavy metallers including some of the band’s biggest songs in addition to the members themselves and their iconic logo, Snaggletooth. The game, “Motörhead: Louder Than Anything Else,” was released last fall, just in time for the anniversary of Lemmy’s death, and is a surprisingly fitting tribute to the rock god.

But the legacy of Motörhead and games doesn’t stop there. Not only are there often thematic references to their escapades, like how has been teased in some of the Cyberpunk 2077 origins stories, the band will be included in the action-RPG Victor Vran for the new Overkill Edition to be released this summer in an expansion called Motörhead: Through the Ages. The band’s guitarist, Phil Campbell, called the game “a brilliant homage to the world of Motörhead” and was personally involved in the development and selection of songs for the soundtrack.

The game features power-ups and weapons like the “Bomber” and “Iron Fist’ taken directly from the band’s catalog. It looks like just the thing fans have been waiting for, and it’s due out May 30 for PC, PS4, and Xbox One. We know fans are going to be playing this video game for hours and hours so it might be time to invest in a gaming chair if you don’t already have one. According to Coolest Gadgets, there are countless brands offering chairs designed for long hours of gaming. In order to not be overwhelmed by the selection, you should read some top-rated gaming chairs reviews and hopefully, that can help you decide on a suitable seat. On the other hand, if you’re planning to follow in the steps of Motörhead, you’ll need an ergonomic seat too. Those creating games can spend hours at their desks using app game development software to strive towards the popularity that the previously mentioned games achieved.

Even though the band is no more, the legend of Lemmy and Motörhead lives on. The band will continue to adapt to the times, and will never stop finding new ways to rock the faces off of new generations of fans. It seems fitting that Lemmy continues to be one of the coolest guys in rock ‘n’ roll-even after his death.

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