MIKE SHINODA Brings Emotional Performance To Charlotte [Review & Photo Gallery]

Mike Shinoda

Fans of all ages packed The Fillmore in Charlotte, NC as Mike Shinoda brought his Post Traumatic tour to the Queen City. Walking into this one I knew that I was in store for an emotional night but I didn’t know that it would be as much of an emotional roller coaster as it was.

Don Broco

UK pop rock act Don Broco opened the show with an amazing amount of energy, helping the get the crowd pumped up for the headliner. Their music might not be my cup of tea but I do respect the band’s stage presence and sheer energy that the bring to the stage. At one point during their set they asked everyone to couch down and when the song hit every jumped in the air, showing the band’s crowd control skills.

Mike Shinoda

After Don Broco helped establish the energy in the building, Mike Shinoda hit the stage. He delivered a mixed set lit of all his music from Fort Minor to Linkin Park, including some of his new solo music as well. It was in the Linkin Park songs that the crowd broke down with a flood of emotions. Performing just his parts of the songs and allowing the crowd to sing late frontman Chester Bennington’s vocals showed the impact that the band had on the fans in attendance. Hearing over one thousand people singing Chester’s vocals to songs was something that was simply powerful, but this night wasn’t a memorial, it was a celebration of how much the music that Mike had helped to create had an impact on our lives. During the encore, Mike left his place on the stage after inviting a fan to play guitar, to make his way through the crowd and interact with people first hand, something he had not done on the tour so far. He eventually made his way back to the stage before closing the show out and thanking everyone in attendance for being there.

Mike Shinoda

I say this alot but this concert was definitely the show of the year, from the emotional roller coaster that it was to the stellar lighting and performances, The Post Traumatic tour is one that you will not want to miss. If you are a fan of Linkin Park or just Mike’s music in general buy your ticket at go, you won’t be disappointed at any level.


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