BRING ME THE HORIZON Releases Second Track ”Wonderful Life” Of Their Upcoming Record ‘Amo’ And It Is Groovy!

Bring Me The Horizon doesn’t really need an introduction at all. You either love or hate them. They started out like one of the biggest deathcore bands and have slowly evolved into a more pop, yet metal, version which makes what they create that much better. This band has basically been successful at every genre that have touched so far and the upcoming album ‘Amo’ is going to be no different!

It all started after Bring Me The Horizon put out the first song of ‘Amo’ called ”Mantra” which proved, or at least to me, that they are about to release one hell of a new album. It is completely unique compared to their older albums and the groove is one of the best parts of the new songs yet. Which rolls us into ”Wonderful Life”. It has been released on the 21th of October and it is even more groovy! They took the lyrical aspect of ‘That’s The Spirit’ and added some screams as well as riffs that will blow you away. This with the feature of Dani Filth is the Bring Me The Horizon I didn’t know I was missing!

Pre-order ‘Amo’ right now!

Bring Me The Horizon:

Oliver Sykes: vocals
Matthew Nicholls: drums
Matt Kean: bass
Lee Malia: guitars
Jordan Fish: Programming and Keys

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