Kings Of Strings: Seth Blake From Wage War!

Photo Credits: SARA V for SHOWLIGHT.

Today’s Kings Of Strings will be about guitar mastermind Seth Blake from metalcore band Wage War! Talking about the band, they have released 2 albums, their debut album ‘Blueprints’ (which is legendary) and their latest 2017 album ‘Deadweight’. I, and many others, didn’t think they could ever surpass their debut but they managed to make an album that is beyond words. They haven’t been around for that long yet they are quickly becoming one of the best metalcore acts this world has ever known. They aren’t bringing something unique to the table but instead they took all the beautiful and most loved parts of metalcore and stuffed it into 2 mind blowing records. For anyone that has the ability to witness them live, do it! You won’t regret it, they are a must watch. But enough of the band, let’s get talking about why Seth is a one of the guitar kings!

First of all, let’s talk about how smooth looking his guitar is. It is a Jim Root Strat and for this song he is playing in drop A# tuning. It has been released via Fearless Records (which is also their official record label) on the 11th of December of 2015. Let’s watch!

Just like their records this song and especially his playing isn’t something new or mind blowing. It is just a proper way of playing metalcore in drop A. Seth is just like the rest of the band not trying to be innovative, they are just down to play some meaningful tracks about life. The metalcore scene is utterly filled with (upcoming) bands and most of them are trying to create a new sound or to be unique but Wage War does the complete opposite and manages to shine brighter and rise higher than anyone else and that is exactly why they are doing so good. Seth is truly underrated and definitely a king behind the strings!

Order their album ‘Deadweight’ here.

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