Kansas Band AETHER Performs Haunting & Amazing System Of A Down Cover


Everyone enjoys a good cover song, especially if the people that cover it bring their own sense of originality to one of our old favorites.  You might even be surprised at the places you find raw, unadultered talent, which is exactly how I felt when I stumbled across a Facebook video of Hugo Hernandez and Orlando Galvan of the band Aether from Dodge City, Kansas performing a hauntingly beautiful unplugged version of System Of A Down’s legendary song “Toxicity”.

The video starts off innocent enough, a couple of guys hanging in the living room with a couple of acoustic guitars in tow, but once they begin strumming and Orlando begins singing the seemingly innocent living room image disappears from your mind and you are transported into a musical version of the land of OZ, and all its splendor. Do not let the fact that these guys are from a small Kansas town fool you, they definitely bring BIG talent into the picture, and their delivery is spot on. Check out the video below, and head on over to their facebook page for some more amazing covers, and original tunes.

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