KADAVAR Renew Record Deal, Working On New Album


         German rockers Kadavar have re-signed with their longtime label, Nuclear Blast and are currently working on a new record. Being with the label 7 years, Kadavar has released three studio albums, touring the world over furiously.

            Vocalist/Guitarist Christoph “Lupus” Lindemann comments, “When we signed our first deal back in 2012, all of this was just a mere idea. Since then a lot has happened and after 3 records, 2 live albums and quite a few singles, we’re a very happy to continue working with Nuclear Blast.

            The band is currently working on the successor of their 2017 release Rough Times at their own studio in Berlin. This latest release gave us such hits as, “Die Baby Die”, “Tribulation Nation”, “Into The Wormhole”

            Drummer Christoph “Tiger” Bartelt adds, “We’re very creative at the moment, writing new songs on a daily basis. We’re very much looking forward to completing the album soon. So it’s very nice that we have this new contract!

            To keep up with Kadavar, follow them on their website, Facebook, and Nuclear Blast.


04.05.             UK       London – Desertfest

10.05.             P          Lisbon – RCA Club (w/ WE HUNT BUFFALO, MISS LAVA)

11.05.             E          Madrid – Kristonfest

31.05./01.06.  B          Antwerp – Metal Fest

02.06.             NL       Nijmegen – FortaRock

08.06.             D         Nuremberg – Rock im Park

09.06.             D         Nürburg – Rock am Ring

27.06.             I           Segrate (MI)- Magnolia Stone

29.06.             D         Ferropolis – Full Force

02./03.08.       D         Beelen – Krach am Bach

  1. – 10.08. D Haldern – Pop Festival

16.08.             F          St. Nolff – Motocultor Festival

17./18.08.       USA     Las Vegas, NV – Psycho Las Vegas

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