JONATHAN DAVIS, JULIEN-K, & THE BIRTHDAY MASSACRE Rock Lexington, KY [Review & Photo Gallery]

Jonathan Davis


Jonathan Davis of Korn brought his Black Labyrinth tour in support of his solo album of the same name to Manchester Music Hall in Lexington, KY. Julien-K and The Birthday Massacre joined him, tonight was the last show of the tour. If you missed it, you missed a helluva show and by all accounts a helluva tour!

Julien-K was first up on what promised to be an interesting night of music. Because I wasn’t familiar with Julien-K I did a little pre-show research, just to get a feel for their music and sound. I was intrigued by what I found and was looking forward to seeing them live. Having said that, I wasn’t prepared for what I heard or saw! The guys in Julien-K are on top of their game! As their set progressed I kept thinking, man these guys are way to polished to be an opening act, (Obviously I didn’t do enough pre-show research or I would have known who they were). Near the end of the set Ryan Shuck (Vocals, Guitar) said you may know us (himself and Amir Derekh) as the guys from Orgy. Yes that Orgy, you know “Blue Monday” Orgy from the early 90’s. It clicked in my brain then, why they sounded so familiar to me and why they are so polished on stage. Also near the end of their set Brian ”Head” Welch of Korn came out and hugged Ryan, which happens regularly according to Ryan. Of course they closed out their set with “Blue Monday”.

After a short change over, The Birthday Massacre took a turn at the Manchester Music Hall crowd. The Birthday Massacre is a Canadian rock band from London, Ontario. I saw some The Birthday Massacre shirts in the crowd so they were represented here in Lexington. Touring in support of their 7th studio album ‘Under your Spell’ these guys where no slouches on stage either. With 6 members they used what little space they had on stage to their full advantage! High energy and fun to watch, they tore through an 11 song set. A set list that included songs from all over their discography, “Video Kid” from 2002’s release ‘Nothing and Nowhere’, “Pins and Needles” the title track from a 2010 release and several from 2017’s ‘Under Your Spell’ including “Counterpane”, “All Of Nothing” and “Games”. Closing out their set with “Blue” from 2005’s ‘Violet’.

Now it was time for what everyone here was waiting one, Jonathan Davis! First to walk out onto the stage was Ray Luzier (Yes that Ray, from Korn) he was playing drums on this tour as well as the album. So we had 3 of the 5 members of Korn in Lexington but not a Korn song to be heard. What we did hear was Jonathan Davis performing his songs his way and that’s a beautiful thing! Including three songs from the Queen of the Damned soundtrack “Forsaken”, “Slept So Long” and “System” a badass cover of a Neil Diamond song “Love on the Rocks”. He was here supporting his ‘Black Labyrinth’ album release and that’s what he and this band played! Starting off with “Underneath My Skin”, “Final Days” and “What You Believe” JD put on a killer show that was bathed in dark red lights for the entirety of the night. Those lights and his music really set the mood in Lexington! He closed out this night with 2 more from his latest release, the first single from ‘Black Labyrinth’, “What It Is” which was also featured on the American Satan soundtrack and “Happiness”. With that a killer night of music came to an end.

Get out and support your local music scene! All these bands were local at one time! Buy some merch and music! Keep this going!




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