John Cooper (Skillet/Fight The Fury) On Writing Process For ‘Still Breathing’ – “I Just Thought, Man, What Would METALLICA Do?”


Vocalist/bassist, John Cooper (Skillet, Fight the Fury) speaks with Joshua Toomey for an interview on an episode of Talk Toomey: The Metal Nexus Podcast. They talk about the writing process for the recently released debut EP, ‘Still Breathing’ from Cooper’s newest metal side project, Fight the Fury. Among other topics, they discuss upcoming tour plans, how Cooper discovered bass-playing, his wide range of musical influences, and much more. As co-founder of the Christian rock band, Skillet, Cooper also assures fans that he will never lose his faith, but has decided to branch outside of his religious focus to pursue more riff-driven metal with Fight the Fury.

He discusses his approach to coming up with the sound for Fight the Fury which was in the vein of early Metallica – who Cooper considers to be a major influence on his music as well as one of the greatest metal bands of all time. Of the writing process for the record, Cooper recalls, “I just thought, man, what would Metallica do? This doesn’t need a bunch of vocals and a bunch of lyrics – I think we just need to go into some riffs.”

Click below to hear the entire Podcast episode and full interview with John Cooper.

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