Johanna of Lucifer to Nicke, “I Want To Make Music Until You Have To Carry Me To The Cemetery”

Lucifer is back after the amicable departure of Gaz Jennings (Cathedral) in 2016. With help from Nicke Andersson (Exhumed), vocalist Johanna Sadonis could put the pieces back together. Writing the album together, these two have paved a new road for Lucifer. The bands new album ‘Lucifer II’ drops on July 6, 2018 via Century Media. You can read our full review of the album here.

Metal Nexus had a chance to sit down with these two to discuss the new album (Lucifer II), the writing process, and where Lucifer goes from here.  Confident in the songs they put together, they discussed their excitement for releasing the album. Nicke and Johanna also discussed how their own influences affected not only the sound, but the look of the group. The new direction of the band is also discussed. For updates on Lucifer follow them on Facebook and Twitter.


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