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As most of you have heard guitarist of the insanely heavy Louisiana band Drysocket was in a car accident a few weeks ago. The accident caused a tear in an artery in the right side of his neck which caused a blood clot to travel to his brain resulting in a stroke. A surgical procedure was done to allow swelling which will occur and to avoid damaging the left side of his brain in this process. He is doing better now and is awake and speaking and giving everyone pure hell like normal. He will have to have some rehab and a long road to recovery but we are glad the axe slayer is making strides towards getting better. We urge you to keep JG and his family and the band in your thoughts and send good vibes his way.

There is a benefit show Jam 4 JG happening and every son of a bitch within driving distance should be there to show support for JG. The show will take place on Friday, January 8, 2016 at 7:00pm. at pin The District Lafayette located at
4607 Johnston St, # B, Lafayette, Louisiana 70503. The show is sponsored by our friend Patrick at PM Promotions and the cover is only $10 and you get to see 6 amazing bands including another favorite of ours White Light Cemetary. So get out to this event, show your support for both JG and the incredible bands playing the event and throw your horns up in the air for JG.

Please Share to show your support JG. #getwellsoonJG

Remember to buy some merch and help support the bands!


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