“Inspired By A Man Who I Saw Go Into Cardiac Arrest,” MONUMENT OF A MEMORY Talks New Single, “Cold Eyes” [Official Video]

New Jersey metalcore band, Monument of a Memory has just released the official music video for their single “Cold Eyes” from their January, 2018 EP, ‘Ex-Mortis.’ The song has a chilling, real life backstory that is captured brilliantly in the sonic intensity of the music and lyrics.

The lyrics are based on an event that took place in December of 2016 where vocalist, Tommy Gehringer happened to witness a man go into cardiac arrest while walking through his New Jersey hometown. The stranger stopped breathing and Gehringer administered CPR until medics arrived with a defibrillator machine (similar to the 350P AED by Heartsine often seen in offices). Thanks to Gehringer’s help, the man lived long enough to say his final goodbyes to his loved ones. Unfortunately, this happens to so many people. Cardiac arrests can be extremely dangerous, so it’s important that more people become aware of it. Hopefully, this song will raise some awareness to people. A lot of communities do have defibrillators available to the public in busy areas, however, some communities don’t have any. They should really consider trying to find some defibrillators for sale to make sure people are able to access one if they ever need it. Hopefully, more communities will have these devices available soon. The hard-hitting lyrics convey the deep level of impact that the traumatic event left on the singer in lines like:

Last night I watched you die
Your cold eyes cut right through me like hot knives
Last night I watched you die
Another soul that’s shed its skin and left a man behind

Begging and pleading that I bring sanctuary
My will was too weak and my best intentions failed me
Laying restless, eyes locked at the ceiling
Anguish from the guilt that I’ve been feeling

And to your family
Just know I tried my best, I hope that that’s enough

Monument of a Memory consists of Tommy Gehringer (vocals), Kevin Chapilliquen (guitar), Eren Guney (guitar), Joshua Correa (bass), and Dylan Newhouse (drums). For fans of At the Gates, Killswitch Engage, and Parkway Drive, you’ll definitely want to check out this powerful music video and be sure to grab your copy of their latest EP, ‘Ex-Mortis’ here.

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